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Wieden+Kennedy and artist Fredrik Andersson create the Arse Vase for charity Positive East


With the support of Wieden+Kennedy, London artist Fredrik Andersson has produced a limited run of 100 Arse Vases to raise money for HIV awareness charity Positive East. “In recent years, I have realised that as an artist you have a responsibility to give something back to the queer community that is such a big part of my life. The opportunity to do it in the shape of a bum was just the cherry on top,” says the artist.

The handmade ceramic vases come in three different colours: pink, tan and brown. The artist has produced smooth and hairy variations too, so there is something for everyone. “Your flowers go in the arse hole, naturally,” explains Fredrik.

“This year around London Pride, we wanted to create something for them that helps raise badly needed funds, helps fight the stigma around HIV in a playful way and raise awareness about who Positive East are and what great work they do,” says Wieden+Kennedy in a statement.

Ian Montgomery of Positive East says: “The money raised from the Arse Vases will enable us to provide direct care and activities – ranging from counselling to group support – to more than 1,700 people living with HIV in east London over the next year. It will also support our HIV prevention activities and allow us to provide 1,500 free, confidential and rapid HIV tests and provide sexual health information out in the community.” 

The Arse Vase costs £40, and can be purchased here. The organisers even have a hotline to offer assistance should you “get your finger stuck in it”.


Fredrik Anderson: Arse Vase


Fredrik Anderson: Arse Vase


Fredrik Anderson: Arse Vase


Fredrik Anderson: Arse Vase


Fredrik Anderson: Arse Vase


Fredrik Anderson: Arse Vase