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Terry Crews douses himself in Old Spice in the longest advert in history

While we’re only 37 days into the year, we’re pretty certain that there won’t be a more It’s Nice That-friendly Guinness World Record broken in 2019: Wieden+Kennedy’s Sao Paulo branch has launched the longest advert ever broadcast.

Created for Old Spice — that wallet-friendly aftershave which experts claim consists of scents of orange, lemon, spices, clary sage, anise, aldehydes, cinnamon, carnation, geranium, jasmine, heliotrope, pimento berry, vanilla, musk, cedarwood, frankincense, benzoin, tonka, and ambergris — the _14 hour-long spot features brand ambassador Terry Crews.

The first “endless commercial in history” features an ad inside an ad inside an ad, with some billing it as the ad-land answer to Christopher Nolan’s 2010 head-turner Inception, a film that we’ve definitely watched about five times but can’t remember any of.

It’s absurd length — and honestly – anyone who watches the whole thing deserves a medal, or at least a crisp five-pound note — is explained by the fact that “this commercial lasts as long as the new Old Spice amazing fragrance,” says Old Spice.

It was broadcasted in full earlier this week on Brazilian channel Woohoo, and brave viewers with absolutely nothing better to do this weekend can watch it in its entirety online right now.