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Wieden + Kennedy replaces homepage with emotive Black Lives Matter statement


Agency Wieden + Kennedy has replaced its usual homepage content with a poignant statement dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement. The homepage of the agency’s website, which normally displays recent advertising work by its various international offices, now exclusively shows a black background with the full-page statement simply in white text.

It begins, “Why your black co-worker seems especially bitter today…Why your black co-worker seems especially sad today…Why your black co-worker seems especially quiet today…We are processing. We are asking ourselves what to do. We are hurt because it feels like watching our own selves get gunned down.”

The only link on the page is through to the #blacklivesmatter Twitter feed.

Although the agency has not commented on the takeover, Adweek reports that an employee of Wieden + Kennedy wrote the statement and emailed it to colleagues the day after Alton Sterling was shot by police in Louisiana, USA. It replaced the normal homepage content the following day.