Wikipedia collaborates with Advisory Board Crystals on a shirt for every "internet master"

15 August 2018

Via Advisory Board Crystals

As well as providing the entire world with an absurdly comprehensive overview of, well, pretty much everything that’s ever happened or existed, the tireless tech titans over at Wikipedia have managed to find time to work with an LA streetwear brand, Advisory Board Crystals, on a long-sleeved t-shirt that you’re likely to see at the next graphic designers-do-pints sesh you attend.

If we asked an external auditor to tally up the hours we here at It’s Nice That have spent red-eyed trawling through a seemingly never-ending cycle of Wikipedia pages — somehow traversing everything from Andalusian cuisine to the 2003 New Zealand rugby league season via quick detours into the Battle of Rocroi and British alpine skier Gina Hathorn in the space of thirty odd minutes — the result would probably bring shame on all our families. Still, knowledge is power and all that.

Produced by Advisory Board Crystals, the shirt, which has now sold out, is emblazoned with the online encyclopedia’s iconic logo. Oh, and a massive graphic print on the back which combines the Wikipedia globe icon with the proclamation that the wearer is an “Internet Master” in a typeface usually reserved for straight to video slasher flicks, or oddly troubling small seaside town greasy spoon cafes.

On the design, Advisory Board Crystals says, “conceptually, one element of the shirt’s design is represented through appropriation. Combined elements of familiar visual language from the internet and Abc. specific “information related” details create our first iteration of the physical representation of Wikipedia.”

All profits raised from the shirt will go straight to the Wikimedia Foundation.


Via Advisory Board Crystals

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