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The finest tools for the creative trade and, more importantly, how to use them


Art supplies manufacturer Winsor & Newton has a long history in making tools for artists. It was founded in 1832 by a chemist and an artist, when it fused the two areas of expertise to produce paints and brushes that broadened the capabilities of the artistic community. Today its laboratory sits next door to two artists’ studios, so that the artists in residence can give ideas and feedback to the chemists on the products they’re using in their practice. From colour and clarity, to mixing and application, every aspect is analysed and developed from an artist’s perspective.

Back in its early days, Winsor & Newton provided an unprecedented range of colours for artists to choose from, and made new products including the first durable opaque white watercolour. And over the years it has introduced more and more cutting edge materials such as fast drying oil paints, watercolour markers, and professional-level acrylic paints, gouache, graphic markers, drawing inks, paper and brushes, giving artists the finest tools possible to create their masterpieces.

Now, the company is offering free online masterclasses, aiming to give specialist insight to its materials and tools, and how their proper application can diversify your creative output. Subscribers to the classes can watch fellow professional artists demonstrate techniques and offer insider tips on applying its products for different visual effects. Learning different ways to use the products, and the nuances of different colours, shows you myriad ways to get creative and is sure to inspire new aesthetics in your work.

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