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Wolfgang Tillmans really, really, really wants you to vote in the European elections


Katja Rahlwes: Yvon Lambert and Walther König (Via Vote Together)

As we speak, the primary schools and community centres of Great Britain are awash with voters turning up to vote in an election that was never meant to happen.

Theresa May’s continual failure to get Brexit past the post means that the nation has gone to the polls to vote in the European Parliamentary election – the election that eventually sends a bunch of blokes in bad suits over to Brussels to pick up a rather nice salary for a few years.

Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans – like architect Rem Koolhaas – is big on the European Union. He loves it. Like, really, really loves it, and like any proper enthusiast, the legendary German lensman really wants you to love it too.

Back before Britain was torn (ideologically, at least) in two after the referendum that’s got us nowhere, Tillmans was banging the Remain drum like Keith Moon on speed. Panel discussions, interviews, open-source poster campaigns, the DJing snapper did the lot.

Now he’s back to urge us to the polls once again. Vote Together sees Tillmans working with a dozen other creatives to, as Artnet so charmingly puts it “churn out shareable images, video content, self-printing posters, and voter information on a sleek website aimed to spread awareness about the upcoming vote on May 26.”

Talking to i-D, Wolfgang says: “To me, the fact that 420 million Europeans can vote together in one election – the second biggest election – is an incredible achievement, something I find truly inspiring."

Describing himself as “very well aware” of some of the things that need improving in the EU as an institute of power and governance, he still feels that “it’s an unprecedented political project that we need to have patience with. To me, giving up the idea of collaboration would be a great mistake.”

This current round of elections takes place across the continent between 23-26 May.


Wolfgang Tillmans: Westbam (Via Vote Together)


Dana Lixenberg: Victor Crezeé (Via Vote Together)


(Via Vote Together)