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Working Not Working reveals the top 50 companies creatives would kill to work for


For the third consecutive year Working Not Working has surveyed its community to find out which companies they would “kill” to work for full-time. The sample of users that contributed to the survey is made up of 77% freelance and 23% full time employees who listed more than 300 different companies in their feedback.

The list includes 25 companies that have appeared on the list for three years consecutively, including heavyweights such as Google, Vice and Pentagram, and this year sees 13 companies making the list for the first time, including Snapchat and Snask.

“While the fourth most popular answer this year was ‘None/Freelance,’ plenty of creatives are still willing to give up their independent lifestyle under the right circumstances,” says Working Not Working. “With that in mind, we asked our members what it would take for them to go full-time. Over 60% listed ‘Creative Opportunity’ as the most important factor, followed by ‘The Team’ and the ‘Company’s Mission.’”

The full list of companies can be seen below.