Yellowzine and Muslim Sisterhood launch charity print sale that updates daily at Iftar

Collating the work of 10 UK-based Muslim artists, Yellowzine and Muslim Sisterhood split funds between contributing creatives and the non-profit African Relief Fund.

14 April 2023

For the last 10 days of Ramadan, the platform Yellowzine and the collective Muslim Sisterhood are launching a new online print every day via the Iftar Art Sale. The initiative began on 12 April and artworks have since been released daily at Iftar, when those observing Ramadan break their fast.

Fifty per cent of sale profits are given back to the contributing artist, with the other half donated directly to African Relief Fund, a non-profit helping to offer essential aid and build resilient communities, focusing on areas such as health, livelihood, education and agriculture, whilst providing displaced people with basic essentials.

Muslim Sisterhood and Yellowzine have called up 10 artists for the series, including Haseebah Ali, Melanie Issaka, Salam Zaied and Zaineb Abelque – with more to be announced as the initiative continues in the coming days.

Mediums featured vary from photography and illustration to printmaking, with personal stories present in many of the works. For example, the illustrator Laylah Amarchih has contributed a work titled Afternoon Tea, showing Moroccan mint tea alongside sweets such as the syrup-soaked cake Basbousa, while the first print in the collection from Salam Zaied depicted the photographer’s return to Jordan in the summer of 2018 after an absence of seven years.


Salam Zaied: Summer of 99, Iftar Art Sale (Copyright © Salam Zaied)

With the 10-day initiative, Yellowzine aims to encourage its network to support vulnerable Muslim communities across the world. “During the last 10 days of Ramadan, many Muslims choose to increase their charitable giving due to the significance of this time period, which includes Laylatul Qadr, the most blessed night of the year,” Yellowzine states in a release. “Through the power of art and generosity, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to those in need during this blessed time of the year,” adds co-founder Aisha Ayoade.

Readers can purchase prints from the Iftar Art Sale and find newly added artworks daily on the Yellowzine site.

After launching as a photography series capturing the diverse experiences of young Muslim women in 2017, Muslim Sisterhood exists today as a collective centring the experiences of Muslim women. It joins with Yellowzine, a platform, funding body and mentorship programme featuring art by creatives from the African, Caribbean and Asian diasporas.


Melanie Issaka: Raise your Flag, Iftar Art Sale (Copyright © Melanie Issaka)


Haseebah Ali: The Pink Route, Iftar Art Sale (Copyright © Haseebah Ali)


Maryam Adam: The smiling moon, Iftar Art Sale (Copyright © Maryam Adam)

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Laylah Amarchih: Afternoon Tea, Iftar Art Sale (Copyright © Laylah Amarchih)

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