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Yuri Suzuki’s Brexit protest record gets a limited edition vinyl release


Yuri Suzuki: Acid Brexit (via Pentagram)

No, it wasn’t just a weird fever dream: Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki really did release a warehouse-ready protest record all about Brexit, and now you can finally buy it on an EU-blue slab of vinyl.

Acid Brexit, which first emerged back in December 2018, is being given a limited edition physical release thanks to the team at Kingston University’s Stanley Picker Gallery. Yuri will be drifting westward down the Thames on Friday 29 March 2019 for a special DJ set at the gallery.

“My work started on this project last year, propelled by my frustration towards the anxiety and pressure placed on immigrants by government actions,” Yuri is quoted as saying in a press release which accompanied the original digital launch of one of the weirder records of 2018. He added: “I have felt vulnerable and hesitant about publishing it. But I am increasingly inspired by the creative industry’s response to Brexit and satirisation of the Conservative party’s agenda.”

The Japanese sound designer’s appearance in Kingston coincides with the original departure date agreed upon by both the European Union and Theresa May’s Conservative government. We’re still none the wiser as to whether or not this will actually happen but we can say with some confidence that he’ll be appearing alongside what’s billed as the first-ever Stylophone orchestra.

The Acid Brexit 7" is available now.


Yuri Suzuki: Acid Brexit (via Pentagram)