Yuri Suzuki and the Hudson-Powells release... an acid house Brexit protest record

18 December 2018
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Artwork by Zoe Anspach

It seems like only weeks ago that we found ourselves listening to, and writing about, an acid house record crafted by a designer. Club-ready lightning has struck twice as this morning two of Pentagram’s London partners unveil a new, and decidedly odd, project.

Acid Brexit is an audio-visual collaboration between Yuri Suzuki, Luke Powell, and his brother Jody Hudson-Powell. As the title suggests, it’s, yep, an anti-Brexit acid house record.

Yuri has on a triplet of tracks which feature samples of interviews with the likes of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Theresa May. They will be available to download via SoundCloud for “mashups, house parties, and everything else in between.”

The Hudson-Powells have provided a disorientating visual accompaniment to Yuri’s politically motivated acid extravaganza.

In a statement issued to the press by Pentagram, Yuri says: “I am an immigrant to the UK. My work started on this project last year, propelled by my frustration towards the anxiety and pressure placed on immigrants by government actions. I have felt vulnerable and hesitant about publishing it. But I am increasingly inspired by the creative industry’s response to Brexit and satirisation of the Conservative Party’s agenda. Acid House Music is protest music.”

Yuri goes on to say, “Music and sound are always a powerful tool for communication. Charivari is an ancient French custom where the making of sound is used for protest, against or for change,” adding that, “this project is a tool for protest.”

Intrigued? Listen to Acid Brexit right now.


Artwork by Zoe Anspach

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