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Printed Pages Spring 2014

Printed Pages is an arts and design magazine which focusses on depth and discovery, combining engaging and accessible content with top-notch design values.

For the Spring 2014 issue of Printed Pages we’re ringing in some changes, the first of which is our brand spanking new spine. Which is a direct result of the second big change; that we’ve upped the page count from 76 to 128. Kind of a big deal. We’ve also made our first foray into photographic front covers, inviting Maurizio Di Iorio to create a beautiful still life image that for him, is the epitome of spring. We’ve also used heavier paper stocks throughout, and even thrown in a coated section for good measure.

There’s now three new regular features called Show and Tell, Archive and Essentials that are intended to offer up some lighter, snappier content at the start of the mag, and we’ve included a short story to change the pace again at the end. Our eight big features are still in tact though and you’ll find plenty of articles and interviews that still offer the depth and discovery to which we were committed in 2013.

Inside we speak to designer and illustrator Lotta Nieminen about her favourite design objects, visit the studio of fashion designer Aitor Throup, interview long-term Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood about the stories that inspire him and have a good old natter with the team from Modern Toss. There’s features on unorthodox sports photography, gallery invigilators and senior writer of HBO’s Girls Lesley Arfin waxes lyrical on the theme of Nice.

We also got Rookie’s Editor-in-Chief Tavi Gevinson to discuss doing things differently with illustrator and long-term collaborator Minna Gilligan, spent a weekend with Richard Turley as he designed a special edition of ’SUP and pestered illustrator Jean Jullien about the ugliest thing he loves.

Published in March 2014, 128 pages, 200 × 275mm / £5 / Sold Out