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Printed Pages SS15

Printed Pages is an arts and design magazine which focusses on depth and discovery, combining engaging and accessible content with top-notch design values.

We kick off the first issue of 2015 with illustrator Jordy van den Nieuwendijk ruminating on how he might be a better person and drawing his dear old nan a picture, then we segue seamlessly into an interview with Gail Bichler, design director of The New York Times Magazine where she tells us the story of her rise to publishing superstardom. After that we dip into the incredible history of rock’n’roll tour photography as told by some of the best photographers who’ve taken to the road with their favourite bands.

We’ve got an archive of fruit wrappers from NB Studio’s Tom Moloney and then a big old chat with Charles Burns about California’s punk scene in the 70s and drawing his mid-life crisis. Music video directors Encyclopedia Pictura discuss some of their best work, we show off even more nudie sun bathers and then we’re out in Cape Town stalking Dan Wieden around a conference to see how the great man lives.

There’s a short parody of some of our least favourite private views and an exclusive look at the sketchbooks of design legend Alan Fletcher. We head to Montreal to take a look at one of Canada’s favourite cities from the perspective of its creative community.

There’s more in there too; like an in-depth interview with photographer Viviane Sassen on the occasion of her recent show at London’s ICA, an essay on the evolution of life drawing, some thoughts on why going behind the scenes of the creative process can be a bit tedious and some of the best design studio names around. Then David OReilly finishes things off by taking a swing at design magazines.

Published in April 2015 / 156 pages / 200 × 275mm / £6 / Sold Out