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Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.

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  1. List

    It seems that every time I try and post a music video these days, director AG Rojas has done the best ones. We’ve covered a couple of his bangers this year already and since being named the UKMVA new director of the year it feels a shame not to give him another virtual high five. His latest for Purity Ring came out last week and is a surreal piggyback through numerous gloomy scenarios, none of which I can really grasp, but I get the impression that’s the point. Also, anyone who’s award ceremony acceptance speech consists of downing a whole bottle of whiskey (and surviving) can do whatever else they want in my book.

  2. Frosty

    As the frost sets in, I know we’ve all been thinking what on earth could provide the perfect bridge between ghoulish Halloween and chilly Yuletide? But wonder no more! Sufjan Stevens and animator Lee Hardcastle have presented us with the perfect remedy – a gruesome, bloody claymation horror story accompanied by his latest track Mr Frosty Man. It’s only two minutes long so I won’t tell you the full, sordid plot, but if you’re a Christmas purist I urge you to look away now.

  3. Jackwhite

    It’s tricky to argue with anything that Jack White does these days through the sheer relentlessness of his stunning output; so when he says he wants two versions of himself in the same video, I doubt director Dori Oskowitz put up much of a fight. His latest video for the barnstorming Shakin’ is a triumph of bendy dancers and double vision and I urge you tune in to three and a half polished minutes that ooze brand White.

  4. Batforlashes

    It’s true that Natasha Khan, AKA Bat For Lashes doesn’t have to do too much to get your attention in a video – her beguiling looks and entrancing voice do that for her. So, the formula for the promo of her new single All Your Gold could be conceived as a cowardly one – let her dance in a catsuit on the beach and watch the hits roll in. However, the grace with which director Noel Paul conducts proceedings is something to admire; whether it’s the incredible photography, amazing choreography (thanks Jorge Crecis & Katie Lusby) or the well conceived lighting, the viewer won’t leave disappointed. To the beach!

  5. Sufjan

    There are many reasons to crave the wonder of New York City, and thanks to acclaimed singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens there’s now one more. Not content with being hailed as one of his generation’s finest, Sufjan has more recently taken it upon himself to pen some music for Opera Year of the Rabbit, being shown at the New York City Ballet from October. In celebration, Yoonha Park has made this beautiful little promo that both makes me want to feel sand between my toes, and ballet in my eyes. Get there if you can.

  6. David_byrne

    Could David Byrne get any cooler? Not content with having one of the most memorable vocals ever, he’s now teamed up with the excellent St.Vincent on a new collaborative album that’s been doing the rounds. The video from the first release Who has been directed by the supremely talented Martin de Thurah and is a beautifully shot monochromatic treat. You know you want to be able to dance like David.

  7. Stuff_rotates

    M&E is a Swedish studio that I’m going to claim is made up of two brilliant creative minds – Matthew Bolger’s and Emelie Lidström’s. They have a plethora of fantastic work, and most recently they finished this banger of a promo for Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band’s latest single. This is where my claim falls down. Essentially the name of Snake and Jet’s album is called Stuff that Rotates, so the duo’s idea to film the band with a 1960s-eqsue camera rotation effect isn’t too mind-boogling. However, the level of execution and dedication to build a rig powered by an electric drill, constructed from bicycle and drum parts, wood and metal plates, which was strong enough to hold the weight of a hefty camera does need some appreciation. Groovy.

  8. Major_lazer

    As this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival enters its final day, what better music video to celebrate with than Major Lazer’s clammy new promo for Get Free. Risque dancing, colourful t-shirts, hazy evenings, and a hefty drenching of sweat all encased in a brilliant four minutes from the constantly excellent So Me. Can every weekend be a three day long street party please?

  9. Radiohead

    It’s always a big deal when Radiohead decide to put something new onto the internet, so on hearing (via Vice’s excellent noisey) there was a chance to hear their exclusive rendition of The Daily Mail as performed at Tennessee festival Bonaroo earlier in the year, we jumped at it. Seen from the POV of director Matt Ornstein, we’re stop-framed through the festival site to the main event; Thom at the piano, and when was that ever going to disappoint?

  10. Pond

    In an age where the term ‘lo-fi’ all too often gives a reputable excuse to produce a below-par piece of work, (especially when it comes to bands making their own music videos) you are about to be graced by an absolute blinder. So, before tuning into Aussie band Pond’s single Moth Wings I wasn’t paying much attention, expecting the usual rump through fuzzy iPhone hipsters at cooler-than-me parties. How wrong could I have been?

  11. Blur21

    Today marks the 21st anniversary of Blur’s first ever album release, Leisure and has also sprung a subsequent collectors box set release cannily titled Blur 21 . So, for my usual Monday Morning Music Video slot it feels like sacrilege to dedicate the pixels to anyone else. I’ve wasted months, if not years of my life watching music videos and from the thousands that have entered my eyes, Blur’s always seem to leave a lasting impression. Triumphs include making a discarded milk carton huggable ( Coffee & TV ) to bathing with page 3 girls ( Country House ) and we’ve even run our own feature on their success back in February. But now, there’s a complete YouTube collection of their back catalogue, and a stonking exhibition of photographs at Londonnewcastle on Redchurch Street to boot. Use this week as an excuse to gorge yourself on as many as your boss will let you.

  12. Beg

    Many of London indie outfit Bombay Bicycle club’s previous videos have been beautifully, candidly shot by Mr. Dave Tree, so to see a change of direction for their latest Beg was always going to be interesting. The rough-round-the-edges feel remains, but the man behind the lens this time (Darcy Pendergast) has decided not to feature the band at all, but instead two dancers. The outcome is a beautiful combination of vivacity and friendship, which acts as a perfect visual accompaniment to the tune. Thanks Darcy!

  13. Impossible

    Way back in 1969 French artist Jacques Carelman created Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables, or to me and you other monoglots, the Catalogue of Impossible Objects. The collection is the creation of a beautifully bright wit and cheek, and to prolong the great man’s legacy since his passing in April of this year, are giving you the chance to own your very own specimen. The first available “perfectly useless” piece is the famous Coffeepot for Masochists and the people behind the company are asking for your votes on what to produce next. A wonderful way to spend too much of your Monday afternoon if you ask me (my vote’s definitely for the lateral rocking chair).

  14. Norse

    If you happened to peruse my video music blogging history, you’ll understand I’m a sucker for videos with dancing men in them. So, when my eyes caught a glimpse of this absolute beauty from Kristoffer Borgli for Todd Terje’s excellent new track Inspector Norse I had to hold on to the slippery little fellows. Importantly, the video is merely a teaser of an extract from Kristoffer’s beautifully titled upcoming short film Whateverest which I’m not sure I can wait another minute for. Come on already Kristoffer!

  15. Crawford_list

    There’s any number of sites on the internet where you can see more than your fair share of naked human flesh, but I’ll wager that you’ve never seen the classic nude depicted from the angle chosen by New Zealand photographer John Crawford. The compositions range from the acutely subtle camouflage of a train track to the more in-your-face airport runway, but regardless of context the series has an instant impact that the photographer deserves nothing but credit for. More please JC.

  16. Feist

    We’re just hanging out, it’s late, I’ve picked up my guitar and then bang! I’ve got an audience who are completely entranced by what I’m playing; silent and still apart from two super-cool slo-mo dancers. So, with my buddy Keith Megna I made it into a video for my latest track and I hope you like it (that’s what I imagine Feist would say if she was writing this).

  17. Mmmv

    Relax already! I know it’s seven minutes long, I know you’ve got loads to be getting on with this week, but believe me you won’t regret finding some time before the madness begins to watch this. Directors Annie Gunn and Peter Simonite have produced a sublime piece of moving image for Explosions in the Sky that really rewards the patient viewer. Based on vintage imagery but shot in a fiercely modern way it’s one of those that has the ability to make you both laugh and cry.

  18. Willis_earl_1

    OK,OK, I know I’m a couple of months late on this one, but how on earth could I continue not to post this video from Willis Earl Beal? You can get a good little synopsis of what he’s about from our quick ditty back in January, but above you can see a wonderfully complete piece of music promo, both drawn and narrated by the man himself.

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