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It’s that time again, doesn’t two weeks just fly by? Anyway some lovely post as always has dropped on our doormat recently and here are our favourite bits. Included are a beautiful new publication from Tom Gauld, a typographic colouring book from Nepomuk, this year’s incredibly successful Brighton graphic design / illustration degree show catalogue and more than our fair share of interesting promotional bits and pieces.

The Gigantic Robot

By Tom Gauld. Published by Buenaventura Press
Sometimes you can’t help but be biased when trying to review something, and I hold my hands up in this instance. I’ve had a Tom Gauld print hanging on my bedroom wall since I was about 18 and have loved his illustration ever since. So, the release of a new, heavyweight book charting the life cycle of ‘The Gigantic Robot’ leaves me no scope to be impartial and can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes.

Urban Alphabet

By Neopmuk
It’s always important to have self-initiated projects within busy studios. Berlin based Nepomuk’s latest contribution, published off their own backs is Urban Alphabet, a typographic colouring book with contributions from artists from France, Sweden and Germany. Some really great work and a handsome cover that does the content the justice it deserves.

Based on Bas Oudt

By Various authors. Published by Uitgeverij De Buitenkant
Based on Bas Oudt was titled with thrift, saying exactly what it needs to and explaining that we are reading a book that is based on designer Bas Oudt. This is where the frugality ends though as we’re treated to over 200 pages of beautifully crafted layouts, printing specials and an insight into an evidently incredibly influential man. Seven of his ex-students have put this together and I’ve never had the chance to meet the man himself, but I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t do him absolute justice.

Selected Work 08/09

By Spin.
A piece of self promotional is always going to be designed beautifully when it’s being sent from Spin HQ. David gave us these mailers when he spoke at our last talk and we’re enjoying pouring over them ever since. An interesting bit of glue binding too to keep the weight down and give it that delicacy that the work deserves.

Brighton Graphic Design and Illustration 2009

By Connie Dickson, Aneel Kalsi and Joe Porter.
Degree show catalogues are always a bit of a nightmare. Having to take in the opinions of all your classmates, showcase a myriad of different styles of work, get all the images in on time and make it a succinct and honest profile is no small task. Brighton have raised the bar this year and the juxtaposition of a intimately hand-stamped cover, contemporary typography and well printed images leaves very little to be improved on.


By Nike Sportswear. Published by Sup Magazine_
To sit in conjunction with their East London based 1948 pop-up store Nike have released a publication of the same name. It’s been out for a little while but we’ve never got round to putting it in one of these reviews and we hang our heads in shame for that. Interestingly tactile cover, saddle stiched to a hefty amount of suitably written and researched content. As you might image from a company like Nike this looks and feels great, but it’s also engaging enough to make you not want to Usain Bolt your way through it.

Break & Assemble

By Josh White.
Break & Assemble is the name that recent graduate Josh White designs under. A nice little pack of things showing he’s more than capable despite only recently taking his first steps into the real world.

INK Zine

By Vic & Sam
Nice little full colour zine from Vic & Sam – a diverse range of illustration well put together by two Leeds graduates. Unfortunately no link to direct you through to, so you’ll have to imagine looking through it for now.

Green Architecture Now!

By Philip Jodidio. Published by Taschen
I’d be the first to admit I’m not one to really ever be enthralled by Architecture books, but this one caught my eye. A poignant theme that ties a whole host of beautifully crafted spaces together very crisply indeed. Especially a fan of the case study on the proposal for the Ecoboulevard of Vallecas transforming a classic abandoned structure in Madrid into a vegetation house. Nice.

Never Use White Type on a Black Background

By Anneloes van Gaalen. Published by BIS
Graphic Design conversation is awash with clichés. This book goes some way to poking fun at the ridiculousness of a few of them including my firm least-favourite “Think Outside The Box”. If you can handle reading them one more time van Gaalen makes some funny observations and is well worth a browse.

Political Wrestling

By Pete Bell.
Any postcards that make it into the studio with a hand written note reading “Lay the smackdown on these badboys” can’t be ignored. Some witty gocco print illustrations that ring true with Gordon ‘The Big Clunking Fist’ Brown making as much of a hash of things in real life as he is on his wrestling outfit.

Six Self Promotion

By Six.
Carefully considered, well collated set of promotional cards from Darren at Six with a pretty snazzy bubble-wrap envelope to boot. P.S the work is pretty good too.