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Here it is, for that spare few minutes you’ll have this weekend – the Things review. Where else will you find a pile of bits including a poster, some self-promotion, a novella, and broadsheet magazine? Nowhere I tells you.

The Drawbridge

Edited by Bigna Pfenninger
I’ve always loved the format of The Drawbridge. Broadsheets of Fenner’s beautiful redeem paper holds the ink beautifully whether a photograph or illustration – and The Drawbridge has both. Every quarter sees a new theme, setting up the canvas for a wealth of great writers, photographers and image makers to paint. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with this over the weekend. With a £2.90 cover price, just have one less drink tonight and treat your mind to something other than a hangover.

Maths Dreamed Universe

By The Luxury of Protest
You can’t help but be impressed by the scale and of a poster like Maths Dreamed Universe. An expertly printed artistic representation of the order in “elemental forms in nature” that will look handsome on any (largeish) wall you happen to have spare. Available only through the nice people at Stereohype. Double sided = double nice.

Daniel Baer Self-Promotion

By Daniel Baer
Designer/Art Director Daniel Baer’s eloquently simple annual piece of promotion is well thought-out. A grid of photographs of work he’s undertaken in the year all clinically shot giving you an impression, if not the whole story as to what he does. A nice little shove to go and find out some more, no more, no less.

Shoplifting From American Apparel

By Tao Lin, Published by Melville House
I read Tao’s latest Novella on holiday this year, mostly horizontally on a towel and it took me as far away from the beach as it possibly could. Set mainly in Manhattan and in classic Tao Lin matter-of-fact fashion, we are taken on a guided tour of the life of a young writer living in Brooklyn. Meandering tales of relationships, Gmail chats and petty crime all in one handy little package. Vague and interesting, not vaguely interesting.