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So, the 13th installment of Things casts an eye over what was a fantastic week for things being sent to the studio. Starring in this week’s line-up is the new D&AD annual, which is flanked by some other very worthy publications.

D&AD Annual 2009 Art Direction by Peter Saville, Design by Luke Sanders
Having never owned one of the prestigious D&AD annuals we very very pleased to be given one as part of an award we picked up recently. Directed by none other than a certain Mr.Saville, the book is divided up into it’s classic four sections with a wrap-around jacket encasing each chunk of paper. Of course there’s tons of great work to keep you occupied, and a sufficient weight to make sure you have to sit down and take some time to work your way through it.

Martin Fengel by Martin Fengel, published by Revolver
Martin’s recent show’s catalogue is an uncomplicated affair. His images do the talking; shown big and beautiful without text to clutter, or ornaments to lead the eye astray. A fantastic way into his work if you’ve not previously stumbled upon his folio.

Helen Mycroft Self promotional mailer
Lots of self promotion has landed on the floors of studios all over the world in the past few months, but few are as beautifully collated as Helen’s. Some nice little postcards that warrant some space on the wall combined with some clearly designed notes make for a nicely succinct hello.

Untitled by Jonnie Craig, published by Mörel Books.
They say a good cover should grab the attention, and intrigue the passer-by to stop, pick-up and purchase. Jonnie’s obviously been told this and the sight of a naked man captured running through the street with a stark flash can’t be ignored. Recommended by the hazy eyed Ryan McGinley, and also by us.

Made And Sold Written and designed by [email protected], published by Laurence King
[email protected] have cmade curating great projects an integral part of their studio. Their latest, Made And Sold is a pretty thorough run through of the bits and pieces that creatives produce off their own back, from T-shirts to zines and “other stuff”. Tons of eye candy.

RRR Zine Designed by Scott Massey
RRR is jam-packed with visuals from the likes of Mike Perry, Jenny Bowers, Anna Wolf, Greg Lamarche and more. If you like their work, you’ll probably like this. The zine shows the artists at their most honest and spontaneous – recycling old work and things in their environment to make new bits and pieces.

I Think You Are Wonderful by Supermundane
Maybe the most charming thing that has ever come through our door; no explanation needed.