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Roel Wouters is no stranger to interesting collaborative interactive projects, and we were thrilled to hear from him about latest, One Frame of Fame. A very simple idea for a music video that lets the viewer become one of the frames in the video, subsequently updating hourly, making it an video that just keeps on giving. We caught up with Roel to hear about how he’s been pretty busy since we last spoke early in 2009…

Hey Roel – long time no speak, what were you upto in the second half of 2009?

I have been working together with Jonathan, Edo and Luna on a big work we will show in Breda’s Graphic Design Museum in february called Laptop Reflections. I’ve also been working on the new music video for Hot Chip’s new single, One Life Stand. Now we are working on oneframeoffame.com for C-mon & Kypski.

oneframeoffame.com looks fantastic, could you explain it in a couple of sentences for us?

We’re asking people to mimic the pose of one frame in a music video, which is then automatically added to it. The video is updated every hour with the latest frames.

The project is a collaboration with Jonathan Puckey, how do you know him and how did it all come about?

Me and Johnathan are friends, I met him through Luna and as one of my students at the Rietveld, he knew a lot more about the things we were teaching, which is actually very funny in retrospect. We have been working on our Conditional Design manifesto together and teaching at Yale School of Arts last Autumn. The idea is based on an experiment by Jonathan that we pitched to Basement Jaxx, but it was technically too complex. When developing further it grew into this project. Oh yes, we’re also using crowdsourcing tool Crowdflower, to make sure every frame actually features someone who is at least trying to mimic the pose.