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Apologies for the lack of Things coverage so far this year but after the If You Could Collaborate exhibition we are currently in the process of moving studio. Excuses, excuses but after another busy week we’ve got a selection of the things that made their way into the studio and caught our eye. Among them some books, some diaries and a package from Tokyo we don’t know all that much about…

Heart 2010 Diary Designed by Jason Godfrey
Granted we’ve had this for a little over a week now so we take responsibility for posting a 2010 diary towards the end of January. Having said that we’ll be looking at it for the rest of the year on a more than daily basis. Featuring the spectrum of illustrators Heart represent alongside ample room for daily planning you couldn’t ask for much more.

Build On Edited by R. Klanten and L. Feireiss, Published by Gestalten
Another stunning architecture book from Gestalten, this time focusing on converted and transformed buildings. From a former prison compound to a glass-topped former beer depot, they’re all in here. Presumably aimed at architects this book captures the imagination of any creative wanting to turn page after page of amazing space after amazing space.

Shaw & Shaw Photography Calendar
I’m not sure if you can get more lavish than the promotional calendar created for photographers Shaw & Shaw. The embossed and foiled pulp board with a dog- tooth pull certainly gets your attention though…

Publications by Erik van der Weijde
Accidents, Hand Guns, Palm Trees and _Pink Issue (an untitled zine featuring a selection of female derrières) made their way from Dutch designer Erik van der Weijde this week. Simple and fun these low-fi zines are a breath of fresh air in a tablet fueled week of publishing discussion.

Zillion Mailer
A really nice package came in this week from Tokyo, we don’t know a whole lot about it but it did feature one of the best shoe lace packaging solutions I’ve ever seen (granted, there weren’t many contenders). Also, if anyone does know more about the Magazine Library can they drop me an email. /

Push Mailer
Finally we have this little mailer that our printers sent out this week, “We hope 2010 takes you to new heights.”