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La Bolleur Mini Golf

The Milan furniture fair is an opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest from the world of furniture and product design. It’s also an opportunity to stand out do something a little out of the ordinary and the guys from La Bolleur have decided to bring their Mini Golf Club abroad! During the the Design Week you’ll find their space at Via Vogehra 11 in Milan but before that we wanted to find out more…

Hi Frank, what have you got planned?

We are planning to have two exhibitions in Milan. In Zona Tortona (Via Voghera) we have our main exhibition, a selection of courses are there to play and there will be a really nice setting. At Ventura Lambrata we are planning our clubhouse and the biggest part of our mini-golf. Here we will have our openings party on Wednesday and The Official Party on Friday. After Milan we were invited to participate at Berlin Design Week in June. The whole course will be there again to be played.

So why mini-golf?

The answer to your question Why Mini-golf, would be rhetorical: Why Not! Just because.

And why choose Milan?

Two years ago we already went to Milan with a different project, Jack in the Clock. We did a party in an old abandoned swimming pool which turned out to be a huge and crowded success. And of course Milan is the main capital for design. After winning a Dutch Design Award for Best Integrated Branding and Communication for the brand La Bolleur, we thought to go abroad.

Out of everyone in the studio who’s got the course record?

Steie is our main guy. He’s got the course record which is 6 under par. Frank has got is his name on every score card because of the worst score you can think of – a Frank bogey bogey.

Any famous golfers or designers you’d particularly like to see tackle the course?

It would be Tiger’s biggest come back.

Any plans to bring it to the UK?

Invite us over and we will bring our mini-golf to the UK.