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Can it really be so? A saturday morning in May and we’re treated with blazing sunshine, and a review of the nicest things to find their way into It’s Nice That HQ? Well, yes it can and some special bits are included as always. Among this week’s selection is a beautifully collated book celebrating the Rolling Stones’ re-issue of Exile on Main Street, which looks set to storm the charts this weekend…

Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street Edited by Paul Sexton, design by Studio Fury

I’m never one for seeing classic remastered for the sake of ageing rock stars making a quick buck, but I’ll take real exception with Exile on Main Street. What was always a great record, from one of the best bands ever has been re-released this week and is selling like hot cakes. Alongside the music we’re happy to let you know that a fine publication has been compiled and looks as good as the record sounds. Lovingly designed and jam packed full of enough photos and memorabilia to make any fan extremely happy.

The Geometry of Pasta Edited by Caz Hildebrand and Jacob Kenedy, published by Boxtree

Who would’ve thunk it? Pasta comes in a million different shapes and sizes, and looks very nice as a book of silhouettes and recipes. Tasty.

Underwood: Stories in Sound Nathan Dunne

It’s a record, but not as we know it. Short stories by Toby Litt and Clare Wigfall read, recorded and pressed can only be a good thing. Will be on the record player this weekend for a proper appraisal, but what a great concept.

Grey Matter Wayne Kehoe

Lovely piece from London-based Graphic Designer Wayne Kehoe, Grey Matter. A booklet, a CD and a handy piece of layout incorporating a rather interesting lino cut, which only goes to reinforce the dedication to detail that’s gone into the whole piece.