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Margaret Durow

Margaret Durow is twenty years old, which perhaps is important and perhaps isn’t. Either way, her portfolio is a ridiculously accomplished selection of photographs both dreamy and personal. Wanting to discover a little more, we asked Margaret a few questions…

You’ve said that “photos allow me to remember small details in my everyday life.” Was this the reason why you started taking photos?

Yes, but the key is that these small details can remind me how I felt during an entire time, which is why I want to preserve them, and that’s why I take photos now and why I started taking them.

Your work seems nostalgic, somehow, and always personal. Is this a goal of yours – to use your own life as primary subject matter?

Yes, art to me is about putting myself and my feelings into my work. I’m constantly reminded that everything is changing and connected, and part of a continuous cycle. I want my photos to hold onto everything before it’s gone, and preserve how I felt at times. I think this ends up as being nostalgic in my photos.

What can we expect from you next?

Whatever my life makes me feel.

Light or water?