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Alex Moshakis

Alex originally joined It’s Nice That as a designer but moved into editorial and oversaw the It’s Nice That magazine from Issue Six (July 2011) to Issue Eight (March 2012) before moving on that summer.

  1. Hc_list Film Remembering Hillman Curtis, the man behind some amazing art and design films
  2. Js_list Graphic Design Great music-focussed graphic design portfolio from Manchester's Joe Stratton
  3. Ch_list Illustration Pencil, crayons, computer – illustrator Clay Hickson can do it all
  4. Sa_list Photography Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes release a new, exhibition-inspired book
  5. Br_list What's On New Ben Rivers show, Phantom of a Libertine, to open at Kate MacGarry gallery
  6. Nk_list Photography We look at a former Prix Pictet winner's greatest series
  7. Lb_list Art Linus Bill updates with new, typically irreverent work
  8. Ps_list Publication Ponystep: unapologetically glossy, brilliantly high colour
  9. Db_list Photography Devin Blair shoots cinematic stills infused with hazy narratives
  10. Vm_list Graphic Design Paris and New York head-to-head in visual form thanks to Vahram Muratyan
  11. Ms_01 Photography Dramatic dark masks from Mathias Sterner are beautiful and intriguing
  12. Lp_01 Product Design Well-designed furniture plus rust makes Lex Pott one to watch in Milan
  13. Sk_01 Music Director Sam Kristofski creates a trippy video for Opossum's latest single
  14. Bh_1 Graphic Design Graphic designer Bardhi Haliti on the design scene in Kosovo
  15. Tow_1 Film Director Jerry Rothwell on Ethiopia's very small town that's big on producing world-class runners
  16. Tv_01 Interactive Programming genius Todd Vanderlin makes maths fun (and look amazing)
  17. Ps Art A look at the colourful work (and workshop) of Peter Shire
  18. Ue_01 Exhibition Welcome to Uta Eisenreich's wonderfully colourful world of objects
  19. Sp_01 Exhibition Artists' postcards on show at Bristol's Spike Island
  20. Dw_01 Film Dan Wieden on the ever-changing television landscape
  21. Rufus-wain Music Helena Bonham Carter stars in newly-released video for Rufus Wainwright
  22. M_01 Advertising Insane video of a Mazda owning the wheel of death
  23. Sp_01 Graphic Design Great graphic design portfolio from Belgium's Salut Public
  24. Ap_01 Photography Angelo Pennetta
  25. Aoa_01 Fashion Age of Aquarius SS12
  26. Js_01 Graphic Design Julien Simshauser
  27. Gp_01 Art Gaëlle Villedary
  28. Cb_01 Photography Cass Bird
  29. Mdr_01 Photography Misha de Ridder
  30. Eg_01 Fashion The Harrys: Engineered Garments SS12 film
  31. Jp_01 Publication A Visual Inventory, John Pawson
  32. O_01 Furniture Design Oeuffice
  33. Dis_01 Photography DIS Magazine: (.Y.) Breast Dressed
  34. Yb_01 Fashion Yasmin Bawa: He Didn't Care…
  35. Nyt_01 Exhibition What's On: The New York Times Magazine Photographs
  36. Ds_1 Film Dubstep Class
  37. Rr_01 Exhibition What's On: Roee Rosen
  38. Fat Architecture FAT
  39. Small Publication Disposable Diaries
  40. A Exhibition What's On: Responsive Eyes
  41. Soil Architecture Solid Objects – Idenburg Liu (SO-IL)
  42. Hy Exhibition Hennesy Youngman: Itsa small, small world
  43. Web Web Copy Paste Character
  44. Ey_small Exhibition What's On: Eric Yahnker
  45. Jw_ph_small Film What's On: John Wood and Paul Harrison
  46. Gary_webb_1 Art Frieze Projects East: Gary Webb
  47. Small Film Luke Gilford
  48. Mr_small Publication The Milan Review of the Universe
  49. Why-didnt-you-take-a-picture-of-our-faces_700 Photography David Zilber
  50. Ry Photography Ryan Hopkinson
  51. Sm_small Graphic Design Studio SM
  52. Bh_small Graphic Design Bänziger Hug
  53. William_strobeck Film William Strobeck: My Lovely Mess
  54. Beni_small_3 Art Beni Bischof
  55. Small Graphic Design Zak Klauck
  56. Small Publication The Plant Journal, Issue 2
  57. Small Photography Will Adler
  58. Small Art What's On: Renee So at Kate MacGarry Gallery
  59. Hs_small Fashion Hixsept SS12 Variations
  60. Am_1 Film Alasdair McLellan
  61. Museum_1 Graphic Design Museum Studio
  62. Small Art What's On: Le Sentiment des Choses
  63. Mo_small Graphic Design Mass Observation
  64. Small_1 Graphic Design Carol Montpart
  65. Nieves Illustration Benjamin Sommerhalder: Ghost Knigi
  66. Liam_stevens Illustration Liam Stevens
  67. Myrrh Music Myrrh: Way Body Moves
  68. Slide Miscellaneous Super Fun Playground Slide
  69. Small Photography Luke Norman and Nik Adam
  70. Zander_small Art Zander Olsen
  71. Baroque Music
  72. Int-1 Publication Landfill Editions
  73. Small Photography Matthieu Gafsou
  74. Small Graphic Design Hugo Hoppmann
  75. Small_2 Photography Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström
  76. Cc_small Product Design Chen Chen
  77. Small Illustration Sarah Leavitt
  78. Gg_small Photography George Georgiou
  79. Ef Illustration Edie Fake
  80. Samdorazio Art Sam D'Orazio