Scheltens & Abbenes: Unfolded spread

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Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes release a new, exhibition-inspired book

Word on the street is our favourite photographic duo Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes have made a book. But the Amsterdam-based pair (who fellow Dutch creatives Lernert and Sander highlighted during their spell as guest posters) haven’t made just any publication, because Unfolded also acts as an exhibition.

“The physical experience of walking through the exhibition route has been imitated playfully in the book with renderings,” Scheltens and Abbenes reveal. “So that readers imagine themselves to be walking through the different rooms of a gallery.”

Featuring some of the pair’s best known works – beautifully composed still lifes realised as personal projects or for commercial clients – Unfolded wins bonus points simply for the fact it was put together by Swiss designers Laurenz Brunner and Julia Born, and features 3D renderings by Thomas Traum. No more than 1000 copies are being printed, so hurry if you want one for yourself.


Scheltens & Abbenes: Unfolded cover


Scheltens & Abbenes: Unfolded spread


Scheltens & Abbenes: Unfolded spread


Scheltens & Abbenes: Unfolded spread