Linus Bill: Was nun?, Show with Patrick Hari and Timm Ulrichs

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Linus Bill updates with new, typically irreverent work

Swiss artist Linus Bill has updated his website. Is this news? Well, yes, sort of. Bill seems to rarely update, so when he does it warrants attention. Filled with the weird and the wonderful, Bill’s work is refreshingly irreverent and, at times, downright funny. See more in Topmotiviert, Bill’s Rollo Press-published book, released on the occasion of the exhibition Was nun? at the Photoforum Pasquart Biel.


Linus Bill: Bastle eine Bombe in der Küche deiner Mutter, 2011, Silkscreen and Acryl on Paper


Linus Bill: J’aime la poule, 2011, Silkscreen and Acryl on Paper


Linus Bill: Portrait of the Artist, 2011, Silkscreen on Paper