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Don’t let the image put you off (it was rushed, and looks like the photographic equivalent of a plate full of beige food), because the stuff reviewed in this week’s Things is excellent, weird, lovely and well worth your attention.

Lost Property Lewis Stringer

Anyone know a Yasmin who works at Comet? Tell her Lewis Stringer found her name badge and drew it, along with a series of other misplaced badges and a chili, and that the resulting mini-book is quite nice.

The Do Lectures We All Need Words

The guys at We All Need Words sent through a piece they’ve orchestrated for the Do lectures, which offers some sort of comment on the iPad (or, to save possible legal bother, a ‘device’ strikingly similar to the iPad, which may or may not be the iPad) and it’s ability to dull the brain. The whole thing’s pretty good.

Untold Stories by Unseen Objects Ken Kirton

Put simply, Untold Stories is an exhibition that revives North Kensington-related “moments in history,” “through personal stories, giving us new and insightful perspective of the neighborhood and its community.” The accompanying piece of print, designed by Ken Kirton, is exactly how you’d imagine it: a fairly messy (albeit obviously considered) typographic collage consisting of a myriad different stories and voices.

Martin Fengel bag

This is a tote bag on which is printed a man, sitting on top of a mountain, smoking what may or may not be drugs.

Eis 213 Magazin

Eis (Ice), consists mainly of hugely elaborate and/or very lovely illustrations thematically centered around all things cold. The fact that the magazine comes wrapped in paper on which the caption “Voglia di Gelato” is printed next to fun-looking ice creams happily licking their lips (their lips!!!) is both weird and absolutely ace.