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It’s Nice That Issue #4: Features

Gleefully continuing our offer of Issue #4 sneak peaks, you can now read short but sweet introductions to the five features within the publication. Also, while you’re here, make sure you take a look at Issue #4’s very own Flickr page, which will be regularly updated from now on.

Jez Burrows

Jez introduces us to Print Gocco, which is either a “cryptic and largely underwhelming children’s toy,” or a home printer perfect for “printing all invitations and personalised napkins for your next dockside party.”

Micah Lidberg

Micah recounts the highly weird dematerialisation of a giant forest rat. Specifically: a “very large, light grey, shaggy creature running on four legs,” that reached a tree and vanished. Shabaam!

Sara De Bondt

Sara excitedly introduces us to one of her heroes, Beatrice Warde. Design writer, “First Lady of Typography,” Warde was also a “glamourous woman, often in beautiful outfits.”

Peter Nencini

Peter generously shares his collection of wares: “Lab-ware, Home-ware. Game-ware, Stone-ware, Soft- and Hard-ware.” All sorts of stuff found and made, “a Wunderkammer of cues for visual thinking.”

Mike Lemanski

Mike asks: “what colour does that sound like?” before going onto look, in real depth, at both his practice and the relationship between music, colour and art.


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