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It’s Nice That Issue #4: Work

The sneak peaks continue, this time with an introduction to Issue #4’s work section. Anyone still keen to get their hands on an exclusive print by James Jarvis have until next Thursday (30 September) to pre-order. Also, we’ve updated the flickr page with a whole load of behind the scenes imagery.

An overview of the Work section

Carl Kleiner pits big versus small. Eric Yahnker presents a four-eyed dog. Qiu Yang features photography good enough to knock you sideways. Rui Tenreiro presents illustration so charming it will knock you back the other way, perhaps quicker, and Hans Hemmert will force you into questioning the role of balloons in modern art.

There’s more…

Supermundane presents poetry so wonderful you’ll probably frame it, and swoon. Sebastian Errazuriz will grab your attention by the throat, and you will realise how ridiculously necessary it is. Bernard Voita presents work so beautiful we’d prefer not to write about it. Michael Landy reveals an appetite for destruction.


Paul Blow shows off his sublime natural line. Chris Cornish expects you to look at nothing and enjoy it. Willy Chyr reasserts the use of balloons in modern art. Francis Tabary reveals himself to be a magician. Owen Silverwood presents high-definition composites. Justin Kemp is just having fun, guys. Aitken & Hodge are half-way to creating the world we all want to live in and, finally, Michael Johansson presents “3D jigsaws made entirely out of real life.”


All orders made before midnight on 30 September 2010 will also receive a free, exclusive screen print by James Jarvis. Check out the shop for more details…