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This week’s Things includes: Michael Crowe, crazy lingual talent, Jane Stockdale, Rob Hodgson, covertly existential questions, broadsheet-sized newspapers full of work, pencil wielding, the police, Anorak, stuff secretly for adults and people smashing windows. It’s “above average,” we’d say.

Active Living Michael Crowe

Active Living is “a broadsheet sized newspaper full of my work,” says Michael Crowe. He may or may not have also said the following:
1: “Active Living is wonderful, really.”
2: “Active Living is on sale now.”
3: “Active Living is like Donald Barthelme but better.”

The Happy Activity Book For Kids Anorak

This book is for kids and secretly for adults. On one page is featured an illustration of a pilot and the (covertly existential) question “Where do I work?” On another, we (I mean, the children) are asked to draw “faces in the empty places.”

Never Too Far From The Sun Rob Hodgson

In addition to his ability to wield a pencil, it seems like Rob Hodgson also has “crazy lingual talent”, and comes up with great comic titles. Here are our top three:
1: Yeah It’s Night Time, And Yeah, There’s The Moon
2: Every Day When I was Seventeen
3: Meet Your Death Before You Die Actually

I Predict A Riot Jane Stockdale, Koenig Books

Documenting events surrounding last year’s G20 event, Jane Stockdale’s first book features both pictures of people smashing the RBS windows, pictures of people in balaclavas, smoking, pictures somehow involving the police as well as people protesting peacefully, and asks the question: was last summer really “the summer of rage”?