Future:Content Review

17 November 2010

Last Wednesday, we hosted the first It’s Nice That conference. Future:Content dealt with ways we engage with, present, and define content, and the day centred around the views and opinions of 11 industry specialists working across a number of platforms. A book that both documents and reacts to the day’s content will be published in the near future (look out for details soon) but until then here is an incredibly quick-fire round-up.

Anna Gerber and Britt Iverson (Visual Editions) revealed their aims to produce books that create new experiences, and how they want to turn book publishing in its head. Russell Davies spoke animatedly about the deadening effect of screens, and reiterated the necessity of physical platforms. Sanky celebrated silence, advocated kinesthetic learning and spoke about the importance of real experience.

Francesca Panetta introduced us to the Hackney Podcast and offered valuable insight into the future potential of audio content. Morgwyn Rimmel, director of the School of Life, and faculty member Cathy Haynes asked the question: Are we having enough fun?, before making everyone realise they probably weren’t and probably should be!

Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, took his tie off mid-talk (seriously) and questioned, so articulately, the relationship between content and form. Adam Gee, Channel 4, showed us this video, before reiterating the importance of “shared experience as an event,” a subject Deyan touched upon.

Phil Clandillon and Steve Millbourne, Sony Music, presented recent projects with unrivaled verve and vigour, revealing a unique ability to have fun off the back of science. And, finally, Neville Brody (fresh from the student protest) emphasised the importance and necessity of creativity, and asked us all to question any decision that may lead to a cultural deficit.

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