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2010 Review: Tom Edwards

We selected Tom as one of our favourite 2010 Graduates (at the time we mentioned his “noteworthy illustration portfolio”). He is someone who seems capable of consistently surprising us. Long may it continue.

Tom’s image: “This is a painting by Hans Holbein (amended). I chose this as in hindsight a lot of my year seems to have been spent either reading or watching documentaries about the medieval and renaissance period. Also, I went to the National Gallery for the first time and saw this painting, which is mega in real life.”

Mark out of 10 for 2010?

I’m going to give it a 7.9

What broke? How did you fix it?

My eyes broke and the optician and a pair of £25 glasses fixed them.

What was the best thing you saw this year?

The best thing I saw was probably my sister’s cat doing 1.5m high backflips whilst catching a Mr. Men Mr. Tickles toy.

What was your favourite day of the year?

The England V USA world cup game. It involved ASDA, England deck chairs, Wayne Rooney & Alan Shearer tattoos, home-made England shirts, finding £5 on the floor and a megaphone. Shame about the score. 

Most dangerous/scariest moment?

Hmmmmm, probably putting up eight 10ft trees in Wimbledon with my dad. They were pretty hefty and there was definite danger of being crushed by a falling tree or knocked out by a digger, luckily I escaped with only a knee to the forehead.

Best Google image search of 2010?

Smoking crows.

Best man/woman of the year?

Best man: Ben Wilson (chewing gum man).
Best Woman: Fever Ray.

Your finest moment?

Eating scotch pancakes with Suzi Kemp.

If you could only take one thing that you bought in 2010 into 2011, what would it be?

Bold Sportsmen All: Gamblers and Sporting Blades by Ewan MacColl, A.L. Lloyd and Roy Harris.

What would you like to say to 2010?

Nice knowing you.