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2010 Review: Carl Kleiner

We had the pleasure of publishing images from Carl’s ‘Pressure’ series in It’s Nice That #4, and got lucky again when we asked him a few questions about his recent trip to Ethiopia. He is consistently producing wonderful work, and is worth keeping an eye on.

Carl’s image of the year: “This is me taking pictures of a cow on a mountain in Ethiopia.”

Mark out of 10 for 2010?

I would grade it an eight out of ten. I am satisfied with 2010. It has for the greater part been an enjoyable year. I have met nice people, seen interesting places and have done and accomplished tasks and more general things that I am pleased with. 

What broke? How did you fix it?

My belief in capitalism. In part. Actually, it did not. I solely kept spending.

What was the best thing you saw this year?

The Simian Mountains in Ethiopia. And the ten episodes of the series Life that BBC aired earlier this year. 

What was your favourite day of the year?

The 20th of April. I was in Vietnam with my girlfriend and cousin. We were at the time staying at an astonishing hotel, drinking beer and playing dice in the pool.

Most dangerous/scariest moment?

Climbing up and down mountains on cerpentine roads in Ethiopia – without street lights, we passed by cows, donkeys, children and road pirates.

Best Google image search of 2010?

Photoshopped animals.

Best man/woman of the year?

Marcus Robell.

Your finest moment?

It might sound really cheezy but I must say it was when I held a baby-goat in my arms on a mountain-top in Ethiopia. 

If you could only take one thing that you bought in 2010 into 2011, what would it be?

My Hasselblad.

What would you like to say to 2010?

Thank you.