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At the beginning of terwenty-ten, Things was a different beast. Like a manageable if not demanding infant it has grown (and grown and grown) and could now analogously resemble an ankle-biter on uppers as the quality of work is undeniably distracting. If you don’t know/forgot this weekly feature is just five picks of (many many) things that happened across the studio threshold and this is the last of 2010. A nonsenseical mish-malgamation of content goes like this – Unpublished British Folk send Postcards to ’Sup magazine and Adrian Forrow (on the 7th Floor)…

Unpublished Magazine Andrea Mineo, Editor

Every image feels like a front cover. Perhaps that is why there is a colophon on every page… well they all very cover worthy for sure. Personal highlight of this large format, excellently printed magazine of the best unseen photography is a small dog hung on a wall with a real fire burning in it’s tiny eyes (photographer Levi Mandel).

Print Promo Adrian Forrow

Just ‘cause it’s greyscale does not make the imagery in this broadsheet of a promo any less colourful. Iventory style spreads show this guy to be a collector of texture, tone and shape and his consequential piecings together begin to read like a journal of “what Adrian saw” plus “what he remembered” plus/minus “could this actually happen?” (see dog with objects balanced on it’s head).

Various zines ’Sup Magazine and Diesel Music

The ever good An Art Service have utilised some sparing but ultimately cool design for a series of 10 zines celebrating the musical artists that ’Sup and Diesel have come to know and love. A real fans fanzine.

British Folk: Part One James Pearson-Howes

Brilliant series of photos of folk from this here strange land of Eng. Thank goodness for giant burning barrels of tar being carried by flammable Devonians, and noble Morris Men without who our culture would be nothing. But most of all, thanks James for putting his exceptional talents to good, patriotic use then binding it so nicely.

Postcards from the 7th floor Iain Sinclair and Oona Grimes. Designed by Aneel Kalsi

Read this book one way and it’s experimental poetry versed around a queer concrete building that overlooks St Leonards-on-Sea. Read it the other and it’s an artist book of drawings by Oona Grimes under the (inexplicable) statement “Tex Avery chases Hitchcock through the corridors of the Overlook Hotel. Terence Fisher directs.” All design is to Aneel Kalsi’s credit, very nice “type-set as image” and suitable space to sit it all in.