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Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.

  1. Saskia-pomeroy-list Fashion Introducing…The delightful multi-practice of pattern-maker-painter, Saskia Pomeroy
  2. Golden-cosmos-list Introducing... Introducing… The ineffably awesome Berlin illustrative duo Doris Freigofas and Daniel Dolz, aka Golden Cosmos
  3. Nils-petter-elkwall-list Illustration Excellently gauged info-heavy illustration from Swedish illustrator Nils-Petter Ekwall
  4. Jon-rafman-list Art Keith Haring carpet? Wassily wallpaper? Hockney homewares? Jon Rafman's Brand New Paint Job!
  5. Image-atlas-list Web A very great meeting of minds as Taryn Simon and Aaron Schwartz create Image Atlas
  6. Chris-ware-list Publication WOW, aka a preview of Chris Ware's new and very brilliant magnum opus, Building Stories
  7. Max-fenton-list Writing Bookshelf this week comes out of Brooklyn and the library of The Believer's online editor, Max Fenton
  8. Metamorphoses-list Film A cinematic trailer by Tell No One for the National Gallery's new Tititan inspired show, Metamorphosis
  9. Javascript-review-list Uncategorized An ingenuously creative book review told through the medium of javascript by Robin Sloan
  10. Daniel-potential-list Art Daniel Brereton's art tapestries for Urban Outfitters are a mystic joy
  11. Kai-nodlund-list Introducing... Introducing... Kai Nodland, a Norwegian illustrator with cosmic leanings
  12. Steve-miller-list Art Steve Miller's iconic x-rays reveal the inner workings of high fashion
  13. Lilli-carre-list Illustration Brilliant cartoonist and experimental animator Lilli Carré is out of this world
  14. Spencer-wilton-list Photography Multi-disciplinarian Spencer Wilton is a travelling graphic designer and photographer to boot
  15. Summertimes-blues-list Music Garth Jennings tries to get rid of Adam Buxton in his excellent exploding music vid for Guitar Wolf
  16. Maya-wild-list Illustration Illustrator Maya Wild draws the coolest kind of pop fan art with serious party vibes
  17. Eyal-gever-list-01 Art Terrific stuff as technology meets art in the fascinating collision sculptures of Eyal Gever
  18. Gourmand-list-01 Publication Looks good enough to eat: The new, deliciously designed food and culture journal, The Gourmand
  19. Road-and-rail-links-list Uncategorized Mass Observation and Preston is my Paris' new book highlighting overlooked roadside architecture
  20. Jens-ulrich-list Art Brilliantly simple collages by Jens Ullrich fusing sport and figurative sculpture
  21. Maadonna-list Web Emerging net artists Kim Asendorf and Emilio Gomariz unite on many meta-levels to be Maadonna
  22. Charles-atlas-bookshelf-list Bookshelf This week's bookshelf is from Charles Atlas, video artist and director of TURNING with Antony & the Johnsons
  23. List The Graduates 2012 Documentaries, toilet humour and tribal automobiles from The Graduates 2012's Isabel Gibson
  24. Maciek-pozoga-list Photography The multifarious styles of Maciek Pozoga is a real coup for portrait photography
  25. Etienne-gros-list Sculpture Etienne Gros sculpts sponge into squidgy Venus de Milo-esque forms - yes!
  26. Timothy-lapointe-cascade-list Animation An excellent, psych-happy animation, Cascade, from Timothy LaPointe
  27. 01-alex-walker-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Alex Walker turns out masterful educational illustrations
  28. Corbusier-1 Product Design Le Corbusier was born 125 years ago, ECAL students design him some very nice presents…
  29. William-selden-list-1 Photography A textural high courtesy of some psychedelic kittens from William Selden and Gary Card
  30. Yerina-cha-list Graphic Design Measured design by Yerina Cha with a deft, all-things-considered application
  31. Jean-de-wet-list Illustration Byzantine landscapes in brilliant detail from South Africa-based illustrator Jean de Wet
  32. Eric-kessels-list What's On Collector extraordinaire Erik Kessel's latest unconventional photographic exhibition, Album Beauty
  33. James-hines-list Graphic Design Happy repetitions and chance compositions from graphic illustrator, James Hines
  34. Eckart-hahn-list Art Really unreal: The compelling compositions and strange symbolism of Eckart Hahn's paintings
  35. Krads_stodin-list Uncategorized Icelandic/Danish architects KRADS complete the American inspired Stöðin panaromic drive-in
  36. Lorna-scobie-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Lorna Scobie has a zoo in her brain and a inky paintbrush in her hand…
  37. Dark-knight-rises Film A threateningly exciting, behind-the-scenes 13 minute short for The Dark Knight Rises
  38. Wayne-hemingway-design-list Bookshelf This weeks Bookshelf courtesy of Vintage Festival and HemingwayDesign founder, Wayne Hemingway
  39. Chengguo-list Product Design Chewing operated drill and a teeth lathe! The brilliant Mouth Factory by Cheng Guo
  40. Karel-martens Film Karel Martens on design: Not like fries and mayo, pleasing you instantly but then causing stomach-aches
  41. On-creativity Film On Creativity, does exactly what it says on the tin. Great films with Andrew Zuckerman and more
  42. Andrew-duncan-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012: Andrew Duncan splits atoms on a photocopier and you're talking about the Higgs boson?
  43. Prix-pictet-list Photography Photography Prix Pictet shortlist has been announced, this years theme: Power
  44. Carl-kleiner-list Photography Carl Kleiner has gone done it again with his high fashion geometry for V Magazine
  45. Ben-woodeson What's On The unbearable tension of being, new sculptures by Ben Woodeson
  46. Grace-helmer-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012 presents Grace Helmer and her narratively deep paintings
  47. Ikhoor-list Graphic Design Some excellence for your eyeballs with the lovely poster works of Daniel Kent aka Ikhoor
  48. Luke-rudolph-list Exhibition Super methodical abstractions and expressions in the brilliantly vivid portraits by Luke Rudolph
  49. Iaah-list Graphic Design Experts at play: great typographic solutions and exploratory design from IAAH
  50. Drumlines Music Great story, great documentary short, Battle of the Drumlines from Show Love founder Peter Crosby
  51. Sam-weller-list Product Design Sam Weller's design subverts familiar forms with a new functional beauty
  52. Joshua-checkley-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012 starts today with the bright, smart goodness that is Joshua Checkley
  53. Sam-asbhy-list Film Bookshelf: Subversive cinema and the characters therein, all on the Bookshelf of Sam Ashby
  54. The-human-type-list Animation Human type! WE ARE Pi for TEDx present a new Radical Openess Art Experiment
  55. Carlo-van-de-roer-list Photography Carlo Van de Roer has a portrait machine that can see your spirit, no less!
  56. Strelka-press-list Architecture The new radical Strelka Press: new writing on notions of architecture, design and the city
  57. Sharmila-banerjee-list Illustration Happy-go-crazy comics and illustrative insights into the psyche of Sharmila Banerjee
  58. Jessica-backhaus-2list Uncategorized Foam For You profiles photographer Jessica Backhaus on the wonder in her work
  59. Wimbledon-list Graphic Design No ball puns allowed: The official Wimbledon 2012 posters from Kingston students
  60. Sound-dictionary-list Web Brilliantly conceived Sound-Word Index for all your emotive digital language needs
  61. We-are-pi-list Bookshelf A Bookshelf special from the members of WE ARE Pi, an agency full of "ideas worth doing"
  62. Marriane Animation Super-graphics for your protest poster? Benoît Bodhuin's your man
  63. Robert-fresson-list Illustration Masterful and totally wonderful, R. Fresson packs one hell of a narrative punch into a single panel
  64. Hogan Animation Brilliant? Brilliant! Peter Millard's acid-trip homage to Hulk Hogan
  65. Omicron-list Film Eyes blink, minds boggle: The stunning effect of projection mapping O (Omicron)
  66. Nathalie-sims-list Graphic Design Pratt grad Nathalie Sims creates unexpected designs using systems and codes
  67. Menno-aden-list Photography Menno Aden's brilliant light-bulb perspective photos offer a new view on personal spaces
  68. Domitille-collardey-list Illustration The vim-happy, multifarious stylings of cartoonist and illustrator Domitille Collardey
  69. Rodina-list Graphic Design The Rodina claims to be "vampire supermodernism graphic design" – we concur
  70. Gneborg-list Art Clever-clever and weird out of it's mind - the genius that is photo duo Gneborg
  71. Inventory-lead Graphic Design Labelling invisible art works – a unique exhibition graphic design brief from Inventory Studio
  72. Gdlist Graphic Design Assertive design from Hanneke Minten and Saskia Pouwels as Hats & Tales studio + more
  73. This-is-not-real Animation Gergely Wootsch's brilliant charm and craft in his animated "chimerical journey"
  74. Julian-germain-list Photography Real class portraits from a teachers pov now being exhibited by Julian Germain
  75. Theo_int_bookshelf-list Bookshelf Bookshelf courtesy of James Théophane, a creative director at Clemenger BBDO "when he's not dabbling"
  76. Elcaf-list Events Good news! NoBrow presents the first East London Comics & Arts Festival
  77. Lorenze-klingebiel-list Graphic Design Graphic design by the people, for the people/fun by Lorenz Klingebiel
  78. Paul-herbst-list Photography Quick chat with photographer Paul Herbst on how strange is the norm and his new book Portable Hell
  79. Raw-color-list Uncategorized Behold! The wonderfully multi-various projects of Raw Color studio
  80. These-americans-list Web If you haven't yet seen this American Suburb X project, you can thank us later