Maya Wild: Die Antwoord

Work / Illustration

Illustrator Maya Wild draws the coolest kind of pop fan art with serious party vibes

Loving the excellent colour pencil stylings of musicians from illustrator Maya Wild. Her tribally motifs and deliberate 1990s party vibes have an almost fan art quality (only Maya happens to have a draftsmanship above and beyond the regular requirements of a fan artist) and she seems happily self aware of the familiar references and fashions that the style honours, using contemporary musicians and jazzy typography to bring it bang up to date – a quality that has been recognised by all sorts of brands and magazines (like Adidas, Dazed & Confused and Nylon) who all want a piece of her undoubtedly positive pop acumen.


Maya Wild: MIA


Maya Wild: Devlin


Maya Wild: Dizzee Rascal


Maya Wild: Prince


Maya Wild: Thrill Jockeys