Lilli Carré for the New York Times Sunday Review Opinion Pages.

Work / Illustration

Brilliant cartoonist and experimental animator Lilli Carré is out of this world

Lilli Carré has all bases covered with her hugely applicable illustrative stylings. From editorial spots for top US magazines and papers (The Believer, The New Yorker, Best American Nonrequired Reading… you get my drift) to works on paper that begin to leave the page (literally) and a panoply of mini-narratives, from ten second loops of moving drawings to ingeniously crafted cartoons and animations, comics and graphic novels.

Armed with countless media, textures and a real printmakers understanding of colour, Lilli does not appear to be trapped by any one way of working. It is clear to me now – the variety coupled with her prolific and genuine storytelling ability and the fact that she has found the time to co-found the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation – Lilli Carré (“based” in Chicago), is not of this world.


Lilli Carré: Chicago Zine Fest


Lilli Carré: Heads or Tails cover


Lilli Carré: For The Guardian’s A Cartoonist’s Worldview series