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Garth Jennings tries to get rid of Adam Buxton in his excellent exploding music vid for Guitar Wolf

What is happiness, good people? Adam Buxton, dressed like an angry stick of rock with a beard and swimming cap, being directed by Garth Jennings to point at and avoid exploding sand moles in perfect synchronicity to music that sounds “like a cross between Rammstein and The Muppets.”

This Guitar Wolf cover of Eddie Cochrane’s Summertime Blues never loses its non compos mentis momentum and Garth’s video – what with the very un-British queue-jumping for some “Summertime Booze” at 32 seconds – could not possibly have done it any more justice. Also, as we found this on Adam’s YouTube channel where he stores his jewels for his magnificent BUG programme, we should also point you at a very nice film of the chaps as they chat about the vaguely dangerous making-of for Sky Atlantic.


Garth Jennings: Guitar Wolf, Summertime Blues (still)


Garth Jennings: Guitar Wolf, Summertime Blues (still)


Garth Jennings: Guitar Wolf, Summertime Blues (still)