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May Review

In an attempt to keep you updated with the best of what has fallen through our letter box, here is our slightly irregular review.

The Worst Hotel In The World

Written and Designed by KesselsKramer, Published by Booth-Clibborn Editions
Anyone who can successfully live off being the proud owner of the worst hotel in the world is obviously doing something right. When Rob Penris, the owner of The Hans Brinker Hotel in Amsterdam hired KesselsKramer, he couldn’t have made a better decision. The book charts the history of the two working together and the campaigns that followed, many of which you will have seen (or heard of) before. By no means the worst book in the world and well worth a look.

We Make Magazines.

Edited by Andrew Losowsky
I don’t know enough about it to comment intelligently but publishing is in a pretty dark place. With more and more titles retiring from the shelves of our local news stands it’s a fairly depressing time, that is of course until you open the pages of We Make Magazines and gorge yourself on the sheer number of independent publishers doing something exciting, from Carl’s Cars to Varoom they’re all in here. Designed by Jeremy Leslie and illustrations from Jean Jullien there’s little to argue with, highly recommended.

Ornamental Conifer

Screen prints
A central London studio offering a hands on approach to print design, lovely stuff.

Sam Blunden

Self promotion pack
Simple and effective, this self promotion pack from London based graphic designer and art director Sam Blunden had us straight on his site to see the rest of his work. You should have a look as well.

Wait & See Catalogue

Designed by
It’s not often a degree show catalogue humbles you and your efforts when you were in their shoes. A highly accomplished piece of design, this catalogue for the Lincoln School of Art and Design is an impressible two colour job. Designed by Simon Mortimer, David Marsh and Tom Lovell.

Your Golden Opportunity Is Coming Very Soon

RJ Shaughnessy
It’s hard to go wrong with a nicely bound hardback book containing 37 black and white photographs. It’s also hard to describe how beautifully RJ Shaughnessy has managed to make scratches, scrapes and bumps on roadside objects look.

Journal of Science

Martin Fengels
Journal of Science boasts a bit of a challengingly academic title, but one that urges the reader to explore further. In it Martin Fengels exhibits a set of photographs of mysterious objects that he sees acting as everyday ‘photographic readymades’. His ideas are summed up beautifully in the final sentence of the introduction with a quote from Andre Breton “Whoever steers the ship of photography safely through the virtually incomprehensible maelstrom of pictures will seize life once more in his jaws, as if turning a film backwards.”

Millie Scarlett Davies Self Promotion

It’s that time of year when we get quite a lot of post from graduating students and we love looking through it all, especially when it’s as well considered and put together as Millie’s. What’s more is that she’s not even graduating until next year which makes it that little bit more impressive. One to watch.

Simon Oxley

Definitely the first time we’ve had dead fish through the post, not sure if we want it to be the last? Simon Oxley is a designer, photographer and illustrator who has spent the last 10 years in Japan and kindly sent us a selection of photographs, illustrations and dead animals.