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Dulcie Cowling and Adam Morley create three super-silly fashion films for Hunger

We’ve railed before about the tendency towards po-faced pretentiousness that still characterises the fashion world so give thanks and praise for Adam Morley and Dulcie Cowling. The duo – who tickled us last year with their surreal adverts for unloved foodstuffs like watercress – have teamed up with Rankin’s Hunger magazine to produce three shorts on prints, accessories and colour.

But as you’d expect from this pair of scallywags it’s out with windswept models pouting until their chiselled cheekbones threaten to take someone’s eye out, and it’s in with oddball characters, strange set-ups and, yes, some cress. With tag lines such as: “Because black isn’t always the new black” the tongue-in-cheek fun-pokery is clearly ramped up to 11, and yet they’re exactly the kind of fashion films that really float my boat.