Adam Dix: Aloft (triptych)

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Genuflecting the mobile mast, aka the end of the world, is illustrator Adam Dix

Adam Dix’s work is the answer to the questions: “What if the technology of today was available 100, 200, 300 years ago? Would the deeply religious convert and worship at the bottom of pylons, would they hold up high the tablets of Apple, pray for screen savers and hope to reboot?”

Science fiction writers of the world unite! The vaguely nostalgic, muted renderings of people performing familiar ritualistic acts about tech-items is a compelling reality and one that serves as a mnemonic warning against our reliance on – or reverence for – technology.


Adam Dix:


Adam Dix: The Procession.


Adam Dix: Screensavers


Adam Dix: The Prophet of Zoom


Adam Dix: The Advocates

Adam Dix, together with Tim Philips, will be exhibiting in Programming Myth, opening at the Sumarria Lunn gallery, London, May 25 to June 6.