Alex Kisilevich, Salesman

Work / Art

Funny and immediate – crafted visual one-liners of photographer Alex Kisilevich

Alex Kisilevich could easily be placed in the sculpture bin, what with his ability to carefully craft his subject matter in an effect not dissimilar to an installation or fine artist. But photography is Alex’s mainstay, a label that allows manipulation, ranging from the subtle to the deliberately abstract.

The work is funny, like ha-ha, and very immediate. A sense of humour in art can occasionally undermine the quality of the final piece to achieve that quick visual one-liner, but it doesn’t look to be the case with Alex who seems to really go for a pleasingly-involved production value.


Alex Kisilevich, Marbled Dog


Alex Kisilevich, Hair Rainbow


Alex Kisilevich, Hair Head


Alex Kisilevich, Thunder as Wolf as Sheep