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Angloulême Winners: Chroniques de Jérusalem

The Best Comic Award (the Fauve d’Or) went to Guy Delisle and his journalistic comic Chroniques de Jérusalem. This prize can be awarded to a comic from any genre, style or geographical region and, in the case of Jérusalem, is a recognition of a work that has both exemplified and broadened the communicative capabilities for comics as a form of documentary. Guy uses wonderfully controlled clear line and grey tones to depict his trip to an Israeli checkpoint while travelling with Médicins Sans Frontières – both immersive and entertaining, Guy is a master of the travelogue.

Now keep an eye out for a documentary on the man himself and his various chronicals. Also on Guy’s site, his brilliant blog full of photos, development and sketches drawn on location in Israel for the book – check it out!