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The April Fools pranks that made us chuckle today

It’s gone midday now, so sadly if you’ve not already done something hilarious like text your boss to say you’ve pooped your pants on the train à la Liv Siddall, you’re too late. Still, it’s time to sit back and reflect on what the less tardy jokers amongst us have been doing while the rest of us make clever comments about how with such-and-such-a-publication it’s tricky to tell the fools from the facts.


Hunter: boots for dogs

Hunter’s Boots for Dogs

A lovely little jest here in the shape of a cute dog in booties. Hunter sent out a press release claiming to launch “a new footwear collection for dogs, featuring waterproof boots specially designed to meet the demands and needs of today’s canine.” Not such a bad idea really.


Wieden + Kennedy: Instanapzz

Wieden + Kennedy’s Instanapzzz

Another idea that’s actually not so foolish is Wieden + Kennedy’s Instanapzzz, glasses designed to allow you to nap at work unnoticed, avoiding those situations where you find yourself sneaking off to the loo for a quick 40 winks. We’ve all been there, right? RIGHT?


Of course internet big-gun Google got in on the action, with the launch of its higgledy piggledy backwards internet,, which is sort of like, on ketamine.


The Boo!mark

The Boo!mark

More optical japery arrived in our mirth-packed inbox in the form of LIDA and Foyles’ Boo!mark – a bookmark that “detects snoring and prevents people falling asleep when reading in bed.” Quotes came from authors of books with names like Losing It, for extra plausibility points.

PlayStation Flow

We’re going to leave it to Stuart Heritage over on The Guardian to articulate what’s so great about the PlayStation spoof. “Full marks to PlayStation, for taking the word ‘immersive’ and battering it over the head with a brick until it’s limply just wobbling from side to side, skull fragments and brain matter spilling out while its family watches from a slit in its panic room screaming ‘stop it stop it he’s already dead’.”