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Emily Gosling

Emily joined It’s Nice That as Online Editor in the summer of 2014 after four years at Design Week. She is particularly interested in graphic design, branding and music.

  1. Jean-jullien-int-list Illustration From Hackney to LA: the prolific Jean Jullien heads to Hollywood
  2. Int_graduates_gfsmith_motivation_list The Graduates 2016 Stay creatively motivated with these top tips
  3. 4 Graphic Design The story of cult label Burger Records' visual identity, crazy work ethic and perma-teen vibes
  4. Its_nice_that_advice_list The Graduates 2016 Do you need an agent?
  5. Its_nice_that_advice_list-01 The Graduates 2016 Five things to remember as a young creative
  6. Itsnicethat_list_img_002 The Graduates 2016 Is it ever OK to work for free?
  7. Here_2016_low_res-371 Here 2016 An A-Z of Apartamento magazine, as told at Here 2016
  8. Here_2016_low_res-344 Here 2016 Wilfrid Wood on Instagram inspiration and satire in sculpture at Here 2016
  9. List Illustration Benedikt Luft's Daily Drawings are a surreal quotidian treat
  10. Lsit Photography Sweat, man boobs and tears – Bex Day’s brilliant new sumo photography series
  11. Here_2016_low_res-644 Here 2016 The realities of working as a collective and winning the Turner Prize: Assemble's Joe Halligan at Here 2016
  12. 724-fire-falk-with-me-list Illustration Falk the Police is a hilarious and brilliantly executed tribute to actor Peter Falk
  13. 03_pressimage-mul-l-kristin-lee-moolman_-wayne-swart_-2015-list Photography A stunning exploration of black male identity and dandyism
  14. Here-2016_bob-and-roberta Here 2016 Why art is a human right and how to be Bobtimistic: Bob & Roberta Smith takes on Here 2016
  15. Stan-and-nan-2-list2 Publication A poignant and charming tale of life, love and ageing in Sarah Lippett's Stan and Nan
  16. List Opinion Expressive reduction: Typography that gives the most impact with the least characters
  17. List Graphic Design 90s feminist zine GirlFrenzy graphic designers reunite for new project
  18. Jun-cen-list Illustration Jun Cen's illustrations are full of texture and life
  19. Gw20160100543-list Photography Geordie Wood's photography is a beautiful love-letter to the world around us
  20. Land's-end-(26-of-30)-list Photography Images of Land's End with a post-Brexit poignance
  21. W7_comp_v005-list Art Amazing digital brushstrokes and figures in Matthew Stone's new Healing with Wounds series
  22. Site_nn5_3-list Publication The magazine of tits and the internet boasts ace commissions from Jelly Gummies and more
  23. 5 Illustration William Edmonds' beautifully pared back drawings of the Barbican Conservatory
  24. 6.-the-creation_-joshua-barwick-2-(c)-jimmy-marr-list Art Pablo Bronstein on art vs design, and how Brexit changed the meaning of his work
  25. Grads_hero_111 The Graduates 2016 Oliver Marshall is a photography grad who wants to prove Martin Parr wrong
  26. Grads_hero_18 The Graduates 2016 Liam Hart's photography carries a visceral energy, even when capturing the banal
  27. Grads_hero_15 The Graduates 2016 Kingston grad Harry Grundy's design work has a highly conceptual bias
  28. Grads_hero_14 The Graduates 2016 Hannah Nightingale's work aims to "question definitions of graphic design"
  29. Grads_hero_114 The Graduates 2016 Vera Babida's esoteric animations are full of character and life
  30. List_image_1 The Graduates 2016 It's Nice That's Graduates 2016!
  31. List Publication Beautifully designed Itineraries of Contemporary Cuisine is a cornucopia of superb photography
  32. List Illustration Sarah Haug illustrates weird, wonderful rabbit erotica in Silky Nipple Fluffy Butt
  33. Ria_springexhibitions16-list Graphic Design Summer Studio and 2typer create “multiple poster” exhibition identity for Royal Institute of Art Stockholm
  34. Id_100_web-list Art Abstraction, landscape, but no vaginas, thanks: Tate Modern's Georgia O'Keeffe retrospective
  35. Copy-of-cam05_fullstf-list Architecture Hylemo creates mandala-infused dance floor pavilion for psytrance festival
  36. Waiting-for-a-call-list Illustration 1980s-esque popping colours and cuteness that verges on weirdness in Pavel Mishkin's illustration
  37. Bird-2800_800-list Illustration Odd character designs and snogging: we’re still digging the work of Dale Crosby-Close
  38. Tom-johnson-charlotte-james-tigger-and-the-dragons-pylot-coverlist Photography Tom Johnson's stunning new shoot of 12-year-old kickboxing champ “Tigger”
  39. Bizcardhand_102914_90_900 Graphic Design Dark Igloo's deliciously digital branding for Giphy will “melt your face”
  40. F377b638481787.5762fdaa9d961 Graphic Design Christian Pardini's Studio Flat creates neat type-based posters, postcards and identity design
  41. 172_unicorns-in-love40x302013laurain-paperina-its-nice-that-list Illustration Laurina Paperina's dark, weird but charming work
  42. Biennial-bus-049-list Graphic Design Hato designs a Space Bus for kids
  43. Tajmahal-list Photography Oliver Curtis photographs the world’s most famous monuments, the wrong way round
  44. List Graphic Design Pop, subcultures and the future of graphic design: an interview with Experimental Jetset
  45. Mark-bohle-list Graphic Design Smart, funny and expertly executed party posters from German designer Mark Bohle
  46. Milton-melvin-croissant-iii-list Animation Vice, despair and a bafflingly fertile imagination from Brooklyn-based Milton Melvin Croissant III
  47. List Graphic Design More weird and wonderful work from Wonder Room
  48. List Publication Intimacy, underwear and internet pop-ups in VLF Studio's slick redesign of Under the Influence
  49. 0000_johnnywoo-copy-list Photography Tom Oldham photographs a Londoner an hour for 24 hours
  50. Supero_biennale_img_9773_web-list Graphic Design Very slick, very Swiss graphic design from Supero
  51. List Animation Tom King animates seaside pests and perverts and other "beach dicks" in cute new short
  52. Izumi_miyazaki_tomato2-llist Photography More bonkers and surreal selfies from Izumi Miyazaki
  53. List Graphic Design Nicely designed and varied cinema posters from Turkish agency Studio Sarp Sozdinler
  54. Liiiiiist Photography Miss Black and Beautiful: beauty pageant shots from the 1960s - 1980s
  55. Summershow-publications-2--list Graphic Design Warped typography and a photocopied zine vibe for The Cass art school summer show graphics
  56. List Graphic Design Stunning exhibition catalogue design from the 1960s and 1970s
  57. List Publication A minimal look for ace young photographer journal, Collection of Documentaries
  58. 01_bine_clift-list Photography Charlie Clift photographs Brits in Europe ahead of EU Referendum
  59. Showckwave-list Art Luke Evans explains blowing things up with a home-made bomb in beautiful new project Shockwaves
  60. List Illustration Ten of our favourite collage artists on Instagram
  61. Barnbrook-list Graphic Design Barnbrook Studios creates identity for Kubrick exhibition at Somerset House
  62. Herb_lubalin_typographer_3-list Publication Unit Editions' superb volume of Herb Lubalin's typography
  63. 05-list Publication Cookbook's superb redesign uses webcams for product shots and big, bold typography
  64. List Graphic Design Monotype unveils its redesigned Transport for London typeface, Johnston100
  65. 16.06.10.lbc-list Graphic Design A slick, adaptable modular identity for gallery and agency Lise Braun by Atelier à Propos
  66. Here_2016_low_res-604 Here 2016 "Just having a good idea isn’t enough" and other things we learned at Here 2016
  67. _stan-and-nan-sarah-lippett-list Illustration Just a few of our highlights from East London Comic Arts Fair 2016
  68. Baroness_covers2-list Publication Baroness: the new erotica publication with a gaze mixed on the male (NSFW)
  69. Michael-jang-hollywood-its-nice-that-list Photography Michael Jang's snaps of Hollywood parties he gatecrashed in the 1970s
  70. List Animation CGI and IRL mix beautifully in a duo of sinister, magical vids for Brooklyn band Yeasayer
  71. List Digital Insta star Albert Omoss creates mindblowing 4D renders
  72. Heilmann_cup-drawing--%ef%bf%bdpat-hearn-gallery-lisy Art New York loft-life in the 70s, acid and abstraction: Mary Heilmann comes to east London
  73. List Animation Maxime Mouysset's hilarious, bonkers animation mixes sport, surrealism and slapstick humour
  74. Simpsons-postcard-list Art Babak Ganjei paints 90s sitcom sitting rooms. But which one's which?
  75. 2 Digital Lorem Fucking Ipsum: the sweary alternative to placeholder text
  76. List Animation A bonkers 360 degree trip inside Julian Glander and Parallel Teeth's Kooky Kitchen
  77. Lisr Graphic Design Codeluxe creates a powerful identity for Topography of Terror
  78. Benjamin-rawson-its-nice-that-list-real Illustration Gorgeous Memphis-inspired, primary colour-packed work from Benjamin Rawson
  79. Biker-bred-by-bex-day-4-list Photography Images packed with life, leather and charm in Bex Day's new series for Pylot
  80. List Art Work, build and don’t whine: historic portrayals of women in art and design