Work / Here 2016

The realities of working as a collective and winning the Turner Prize: Assemble’s Joe Halligan at Here 2016

Assemble is a design collective famous for its work across art, architecture and design, and winning the Turner Prize in 2015. At Here 2016 Joe Halligan, one of the collective’s 18 founders, explained the structure and inner workings of the company which champions interdependent, collaborative practice with some rather canny comparisons.

Joe’s talk was a fascinating insight into the intricacies of working as a collective, answering oft-asked questions about leadership, democracy, pay and the realities of working in such a large group. He also discussed the group’s Granby Four Streets project which won Assemble the Turner Prize.

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Assemble: Brutalist Playground


Assemble: Granby New Street


Assemble: Ducie Street


Assemble: Cinoleum
Photography by Lewis Jones