Comic books, photography zines and haiku sandwiches: April Things has it all!

5 April 2019

April is here and the last of winter’s chill is finally, almost, behind us. As we move steadily from spring into summer, It’s Nice That have some wonderful new publications to see you through. From illustration zines tackling environmental issues to magazines discussing the complexities of gender, there’s a real range of topics to explore in the April Things!

On This Planet

Comprised of test risograph prints, this short booklet showcases artwork that will be featured in the exhibition On This Planet. Taking place from 17 – 21 May 2019 at Old Street Gallery in east London, the show will present work by 30 different illustrators. Each artist has “chosen and exhibited an animal that is affected heavily by habitat loss/fragmentation.” Funds raised from print sales will be contributed to World Land Trust’s “Buy An Acre” scheme where every £100 donated = one acre of land preserved for wildlife.

Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye out for work by It’s Nice That graduate, Aga Giecko!

Haiku Sandwiches

Featuring over 74,00 possible recipes, Haiku Sandwiches does exactly what it says on the tin – it shows you that there’s poetry in food.

Amidst a depressing climate of modern convenience and driven by a desire to restore the goodness of rituals in our daily lives, authors and designers, Hannah Fincham & Ross Bennett, want you to slow down. Whether that be taking time to “make your own coffee, bake a cake or slow cook a big stew,” they encourage you to remember the magic of food and ceremony. In an effort to promote wholesome, creative and considered living, this small format book allows you to tear and combine lines of haikus and sections of images to create your perfect “haiku sandwich”.

The Big Idea Series

Launched by Thames & Hudson, the Big Idea Series is a growing collection of books investigating, questioning and challenging a wide range of topical subjects such as gender, democracy, space, capitalism, masculinity and medicine, among others. Each boasting a striking cover on the outside and playful design on the inside, the series isn’t such a far cry aesthetically from a trendy indie mag or art publication. It’s a fun and engaging way to tackle big subjects without presenting readers with dry, dense textbooks.

Savage Land

Comic artist and illustration student at Leeds Arts University, Tom Thickett, has produced his first zine, Savage Land. Described as “the first instalment of a psychological adventure,” the publication follows a character called “the Traveller" on an internal and physical journey to find his origin. Drawn entirely in black and white, each page is simple yet detailed and engaging, adding to the story without distracting from it. A very promising start to the series that, according to the last page, will continue!


“Celebrating the importance of culture and place”, Lindsay is a bi-annual magazine based in Melbourne that works with a global network of writers, photographers and artists. Named after the founder, Beth Wilkinson’s grandfather (Lindsay James Stanger), who was himself a photographer, the magazine adopts his approach to life: “an open mind, a thirst for learning and a love for sharing stories”.

Issue three features interviews with everyone from Lebanese director Nadine Labaki and composer Nils Frahm, to Moroccan-British artist Hassan Hajjaj and the Ama divers of Japan.

Two Eggs#

Two Eggs is a printed collection of 35mm shots from Brighton-based designer Ian Caulkett’s recent trip to Los Angeles. Showcasing images taken over a four day period, the small photography zine has been printed predominantly in two-tone red and white. Inside, shop signage, palm trees and cars give us a glimpse into Ian’s trip and are a nod to the classic visual associations of the Los Angeles’s streets.

Mind’s Eye

This zine, produced by Ontario-based publishers, Prima Materia, is a gathering of consciousness doodles by the founder, Errol Richardson. Displaying a consistent black, white, green and blue palette, Mind’s Eye boasts beautifully textured coloured pages. The naive style of illustration is intriguing and, when collected together, hints at ambiguous narratives here and there.

A Complete Catalogue of Our Work the MoMA Didn’t Reject

Produced by German artist collective SuperSuperError, this comically titled publication is exactly what you’d expect: It’s a collection of work by Marc Bötzius, Max Guther, Bastian Hansl, Max Seifert and David Wobido that never quite made it into MoMA. Echoing its playful title, the spreads inside are equally tongue-in-cheek. Featuring experimental typefaces and layouts, the publication is a journey through recent and past projects that have found new purpose within this catalogue.

The Bigger Picture

A beautiful and warming collection of female icons who changed the art world, The Bigger Picture, is an ode to female artistic endeavour. From Barbara Hepworth and Tracey Emin to Joan Jonas and Yayoi Kusama, women from a range of backgrounds have their stories told across pages bursting with vivid colour and lovely illustrations.

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