Daniel Eatock: Pen Painting, Sifting (detail)

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Art: Daniel Eatock’s kaleidoscopic new ink blot pen paintings are incredible!

From what I can gather, these abstract paintings were made by placing the nibs of inky marker pens on top of a stack of paper. The result is an amazing blotted fusion of kaleidoscopic patterns and rainbow colours, which kind of looks like the psychedelic shapes butterfly wing’s make when seen through a microscope.

Daniel Eatock’s new pen paintings are in line with his incredibly witty and inventive style, and his new work also includes a tiny white paper clip cut out from paper, and an entirely perforated stamp, which Daniel made as a proposal for the Royal Mail. Looking through Daniel’s new work is always refreshingly surprising and unexpected, but one thing is consistently certain, it’s never a disappointment.


Daniel Eatock: Pen Painting, Scentless Apprentice


Daniel Eatock: Pen Painting, Polly


Daniel Eatock: Pen Painting, Sifting


Daniel Eatock: Pen Painting, Dive