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Madeleine Morley

Madeleine joined It’s Nice That as a freelance editorial assistant in May 2014 having graduated from Cambridge University. She has recently finished her Masters at The Courtauld Institute of Art and is now based in Berlin, where she writes freelance for magCulture and PORT magazine.

  1. Eikekoenig_6_inaniehoff-list Graphic Design Talking parameters, good pasta and dream jobs with HORT founder Eike König
  2. Christoph-niemann-its-nice-that-list- Illustration A visit to Christoph Niemann's studio, where he's "making imperfections fun"
  3. Int_swine_0 Furniture Design Digging on Swine: Studio Swine tell us about how a sense of place shapes their design approach
  4. Int_lucas_0 Photography Big Skies, Small Communities: Photographer Lucas Foglia recounts stories from the Wild West
  5. List Illustration Maria Luque’s drawings of naked people hanging out with a grumpy lion
  6. Main Photography Fashion photographer Harley Weir’s personal work is absolutely breathtaking
  7. Weekender-list Weekender Bottle openers out, bubbles up your nose, it's time for the Weekender
  8. Listt Photography Gregg Segal's powerful portraits of households surrounded by a week's worth of their garbage
  9. Thingslist Things #20: Hey, look at that! Sorry I got distracted. See why in this week's Things
  10. List2 Publication Dinah Fried’s Fictitious Dishes re-creates literature’s most memorable meals
  11. List Miscellaneous Onformative find faces in landscapes seen from above in Google Maps
  12. Typeface Graphic Design TWO talk to us about their Futwora font, a reimagining of the classic Futura
  13. Main3 The Graduates 2014 Introducing It's Nice That Graduate and well-travelled photographer, Barnaby Kent
  14. List Photography Akasha Rabut's portraits of modern day cheerleaders and marching bands
  15. Main The List Ever wondered who made that animation at the start of Grease? Meet John D. Wilson
  16. Bookshelflist Bookshelf The top five books of POST magazine’s Louise Benson
  17. List Advertising Wim Wenders' golden rules of cinematic perfection
  18. Paulsmithtourdefrance_list Graphic Design Paul Smith's striking posters celebrate the Tour de France's arrival in the UK
  19. Surgeon Illustration Sophia Martineck's sophisticated pencil drawings of New York and an A-Z of professions
  20. List Things #19: Lots and lots of zines and a mountainous poster: this week’s things will take you on quite a journey
  21. Main Illustration Rebecca Clarke’s wonderful and watery illustrations and portraits
  22. List Illustration Laurie Rollitt’s lovable illustrations of a 30-year-old for the new issue of Zeit Magazine
  23. List Photography Klaus Pichler's absurd photographs of miniature allotments in Austria
  24. Mkarunaratne-10 Photography Photographs taken inside the Soviet cosmonaut training centre, Star City
  25. Main Illustration Virginie Morgand's big, bold and bright posters of joyous, swarming crowds
  26. List Behind The Scenes David OReilly on his new game where you make a personal mountain
  27. Rh My Favourite Music Video Filmmaker Ryan Hopkinson on Björk’s All is Full of Love
  28. List2 Illustration Dogboy’s intergalactic, dystopian monsters are out of this world
  29. List Art Startled cats and curious kittens in Tadashige Nishida’s woodblock prints
  30. Main1 Photography Yoshinori Mizutani's incredible photographs of Tokyo’s parrot infestation
  31. List2 Illustration Mexican illustrator Elena Boils’s luscious floral prints for YCN
  32. 11111 Illustration Barbara Dziadosz’s playful and summery bubblegum-pink illustrations
  33. List Things #18: Four intriguing zines + 10 flashy posters = This week’s brilliant bundle of Things!
  34. List Illustration Anders Nilsen's magical accordian comic book Rage of Poseidon
  35. Screen-shot-2014-06-25-at-11.45.40 Web Our favourite cartoonist Christoph Niemann has a brand new website!
  36. Main Uncategorized Japanese artist Ryo Kuwabara's incredible eye-popping poster design
  37. List Photography Rennie Ellis' amazing photographs of Australia’s infamous and famous
  38. List Illustration Harriet Lee-Merrion’s mesmerising narrative illustration
  39. List Photography Dolly Faibyshev's garish shots of the 146th Belmont Stakes
  40. List Photography Eilon Paz portraits of collectors with their vinyl collections
  41. Main5 Video 8- Bit Cinema turn Mean Girls into an anime game! Amazing!!
  42. List Things A pink and cream bundle of pompoms and hand-crafted publications
  43. List Photography Antoine Bruy's shots of self-sufficient people living in the mountains
  44. Listimage Uncategorized Graphic Design: Kigi combine design and illustration to create great identities
  45. Main5 Photography Photography: Mike Mellia captures scenes reminiscent of his late father
  46. List Photography Andrew Lyman’s snaps create romantic stories for inanimate objects
  47. Blotlist Art Art: Daniel Eatock's kaleidoscopic new ink blot pen paintings are incredible!
  48. Main Illustration Illustration: Alessandra Genualdo’s work for The Boy Who Always Looked Up by Ryan Gander
  49. 2 Photography Photography: Chris Mottalini's poignant shots of modernist homes prior to their demolition
  50. Henrymccausland2014_secretbaseparty Illustration Illustration: Adventuring illustration by the wonderful Henry McCausland
  51. Listt Here 2014 Here 2014: Artist and illustrator Christoph Niemann
  52. List Here 2014 Here 2014: Author and illustrator Marion Deuchars
  53. List1 Here 2014 Here 2014: Architect Sam Jacob
  54. Ericlist Here 2014 Here 2014: Artist Eric Yahnker
  55. Listt Here 2014 Here 2014: Graphic designer and filmmaker Marina Willer
  56. _mg_1267 Things Things #16: It’s all kicking off in this week’s footy-themed Things!
  57. Main Photography Photography: CCCLXXIX’s shiny shots of organic textures and twinkling surfaces
  58. List Photography Photography: Francois Prost’s amazing pictures of rural French night clubs
  59. Heroooo Web Web: The traditional Nishiyama silk company's strikingly modern site
  60. List Illustration Illustration: Ingo Giezendanner’s incredible digital document of all the places he's ever been
  61. List Illustration Illustration: Dan Matutina's colourful creations unite the world’s most infamous sworn enemies
  62. List Illustration Illustration: Jesse Jacobs’ giant ice monkeys and swirling creatures of the cosmos
  63. Mixtapelist Friday Mixtape Friday Mixtape: Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen of Kiasmos have made us a mixtape!
  64. List Illustration Illustration: Kanae Sato’s bold and blotchy children’s illustrations are incredibly eye-catching
  65. List Things Things #15: Seventy-five surrealist aeroplanes, a magic garden, and three kaleidoscopic prints!
  66. Thingiverse-disarming-corruption-matthew_plummer-fernandez Uncategorized Art: Matthew Plummer-Fernandez turns digital distortions into mind-boggling sculptures
  67. Aalist Photography Photography: Thomas Alleman's striking shots of American Apparel ads in LA
  68. List Photography Behind the Scenes: A glimpse into the glamorous world of Palm Springs through Nancy Baron's lens
  69. Listimage Photography Photography: Pugs, twins and beauty queens; Neal Slavin is the master of group photography
  70. Winners_039 Photography Photography: Rafal Milach photographs the winners of competitions in Belarus
  71. Listlittle Illustration Illustration: Andrea Wan’s enchanting drawings are spectacularly surreal and modern
  72. List Illustration Illustration: Ana Albero’s spectacular work with hints of Twin Peaks, Salinger and Jean Seberg
  73. List Art Art: The incredible cocooned corridors of Henrique Oliveira's wooden installation
  74. Poodle-club-list Photography Photography: Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini's weird and wonderful photos of clubs
  75. Allthethingslist Things Things #14: A bright and colourful bundle of summery zines and posters!
  76. Rlist Art Art: Check out Rose Pilkington's crazy, colourful computer-generated art
  77. Pt6-(1) Illustration Illustration: Paula Troxler's incredible blend of crayon colours and German folklore
  78. Main Illustration Illustration: More of Josephin Ritschel's wonderfully intricate risograph illustrations
  79. Main Opinion Opinion: Madeleine Morley speaks of the worryingly short shelf-life of online content
  80. Kodaklist Photography Photography: Catherine Leutenegger's haunting photo series of a ghostly old Kodak factory