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Wim Wenders’ golden rules of cinematic perfection

According to the new Stella Artois campaign, “There are no rules,” and “Continuity is clearly overrated.” These mysterious instructions actually come from the great Wim Wenders, who stars in the new Stella promotional short titled Wim Wenders’ Rules of Cinema Perfection.

Mother has created this short as part of a new campaign for Stella called The Perfectionists. The idea is that they will follow experts involved in the Stella sponsorship portfolio, and ask them to reveal the secrets behind their success. Next on the list is Wimbledon and the British Open gold championship.

In this short you’ll see Wenders standing in a variety of striking cinematic settings, delivering sparkling gems of advice that will be gold for any budding film makers. His rules range from the practical and predictable to the joyfully absurd, and I’m sure Hollywood would be a very surreal place if they duly followed all of his do’s and don’t’s. The snappy little film allows us to share in Wenders’ wisdom, but it also teaches us to not take ourselves too seriously. Wenders even seems to subtly suggest that failing the rules, or shifting the idea of what perfection could or might be, is the best and right route when striving for perfection.


Wim Wenders: Wim Wenders’ Rules of Cinema Perfection


Wim Wenders: Wim Wenders’ Rules of Cinema Perfection


Wim Wenders: Wim Wenders’ Rules of Cinema Perfection