Morgan Blair: Titanic

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Art: Morgan Blair’s kaleidoscopic paintings continue to wow

A year and a month ago almost to the day we featured the artist Morgan Blair whose paintings ran circles around us in the post-Olympic slump that was August 2012. Her work saw bold pastel shaded brickwork vibrate on the page followed by manic cascades of technicolour shapes tumbling over themselves. It was noisy, kaleidoscopic, trapping us in a background reminiscent of a 1990s, 16-bit era computer game.

But in the interstice Madison’s work has changed. Her style has sharpened; stripped back, she has mastered her own use of colour and narrative has slipped through to complement the delirious thrum from her earlier collection. Her poster commissioned by Double Punch Gallery for the Tough Love show is a personal favourite; at first a merge of colour but slowly it separates into a couple embracing, emotion strewn across their faces by shade. Just as bold, just as eye-catching, just as infectious – we are loving this subtle change.


Morgan Blair: Desktop Glove-Brick-Banana Peel Situation 1995


Morgan Blair: Insecure Jungle Foliage In a Moment of Self-Reflection


Morgan Blair: Dead End


Morgan Blair: Bongo Butt’s Butt Burn


Morgan Blair: Two People One Head / Two Heads One People