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Emily Beber

Emily worked with us as an editorial intern during her summer break from the Royal College of Art and wrote for the site between August and September 2013.

  1. 1 Animation Illustration: Jack Cunningham's new website of work is a bit of a corker
  2. 1 Photography Photography: Rhiannon Adam's nostalgic polaroids of Margate
  3. Main Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Eleanor Macnair remakes photography classics with Play-Doh
  4. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: How to make an impressive portfolio? Ask Ghazaal Vojdani
  5. Main Photography Photography: Gigi Cifali's empty swimming pools are beautiful
  6. 1 Uncategorized Art: Leandro Erlich's installation floats above the French city of Nantes
  7. 1 Photography Photography: Staged, or authentic? Dominic Hawgood's captivating images
  8. 1 Film Music Video: Warning, this new Basement Jaxx video involves some serious dancing
  9. 1 Art Art: Alex Simpson's sculptures tell a hauntingly beautiful story
  10. 1 Fashion Photography: Joseph Ford's photography merges are a thing of magnificence
  11. 2 Miscellaneous Publication: Visual Editions take on the beast of a challenge that is Don Quixote
  12. 1 Art Illustration: Our hearts ache over Leanne Shapton's new book Sunday Night Movies
  13. 1 Photography Photography: Jason Nocito's photographs capture the moments we miss
  14. 1 Fashion Fashion: Fantasia Utamaro and Komatsu Seiren amaze with their collaborative textiles
  15. 1 Art Art: Submit to Camilla Engman's fantastically dream-like paintings
  16. R2 Art Art: Ruth Angel Edwards' fantastic murals capture the moments when teamwork becomes transcendental
  17. 1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Fantastic design for the Berlin Art Prize 2013 from designers HelloMe
  18. 1 Art Art: The wonders just keep on coming from artist Oliver Jeffers and his surreal painting
  19. 1 Illustration Illustration: Benjamin Phillips's fantastic interpretation of evolution seen from a birds eye view
  20. 1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: French studio A is a name are bastions of excellent simplicity
  21. 1 Art Illustration: Keith Warren Greiman shows us how surreal the everyday can be
  22. Southbank-list Opinion Opinion: Are the South Bank skaters getting enough respect?
  23. List Product Design Product Design: Chamois Panties for svelte saddle riding and super comfortable
  24. 1 Art Art: Morgan Blair's kaleidoscopic paintings continue to wow
  25. 1 Illustration Illustration: Alice Pattullo's illustrations tell a whale of a story
  26. 2 Publication Publication: Zug Magazine provides travels for the curious
  27. 1 Photography Photography: Terrifically moody photography from Raphael Halin
  28. 11_ Illustration Illustration: Oscar Bolton Green's illustrations make business fun
  29. 1 Illustration Illustration: Madison-Sy shows us the beauty of the in-between
  30. 1 Publication Illustration: Gareth Brookes' The Black Project tells the tale of doll making delirium
  31. 1 Publication Publication: Café Royal Books immerse us in all of the peculiarities of Britain
  32. List Publication Publication: Kyoungtae Kim rocks are simply beautiful
  33. 1 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Clever campaign for storms to be named after climate change deniers
  34. 3 Art Art: Amy Woodside continues to wow us with her new collection
  35. 2 Photography Photography: Grant Harder's photography shows how dramatic the everyday can be
  36. 2 Art Art: Neil Raitt's hypnotic landscapes will mess with your mind
  37. 1 Uncategorized Illustration: Beautifully wistful work from the wonderful Lizzy Stewart
  38. Bs4 Publication Publication: Boneshaker Magazine will send your mind wheels spinning
  39. Print1 Product Design Product Design: Mugi Yamamoto rids us of our printing nightmares
  40. Yl_2012_small_042 Art Art: Sara Nunes Fernandes leads us on a tale of mystery into the mythical
  41. Tg1 Film Animation: Terry Gilliam teaching us all animation tricks? Yes please
  42. D2 Film Film: Extraordinary short film brings mass consumption home super powerfully
  43. Bag Product Design Product Design: Alexander Penkin bags a beauty with his redesigned totes
  44. Gj Art Art: Giuseppe Colarusso dares us with frustrating games and impossible products
  45. Pr1 Illustration Illustrator: Philippa Rice weakens our knees with her Soppy publication
  46. Swim Publication Publication: Leanne Shapton dazzles with her beautifully produced swimming book
  47. G Fashion Product Design: Illustrator Kaye Blegvad creates stunning jewellery too
  48. H2 Photography Photography: Alma Haser amazes us with her folded stories
  49. List Publication Publication: TREMORS magazine gets our knees shaking in anticipation
  50. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: More tremendous work from Fons Hickmann for theatre event
  51. List Product Design Product Design: Chris Godfrey designs a 12 course meal you might wait ten years to eat
  52. First Art Art: Molly Palmer's film stills create a surreal otherworld for us to enjoy
  53. List-3 Graphic Design Graphic Design: BOB Design nail identity for architecture practice Nordic
  54. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: OKOLO raise a toast to the art of the bottle opener.